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Beyond the comfort zone lies a universe of possibilities - time for your Living Legacy!



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Sonja Piontek, CSP
Speaker Sonja Piontek, CSP
  • Top female keynote speaker - corporate - inspiration - unleashing excellence - Sonja Piontek

  • Die coolste Vorstellung der Welt! Danke Mr. RTL Wolfram Kons für die mega Intro!! Inspiration pur!

  • Mit dem Phoenix Mindset zu großen Höhen und aus tiefen Tälern heraus! Sonja Piontek live @trendFORUM

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Sonja Piontek

  • Phoenix-Mindset - Das LEBEN zurück EROBERN | Sonja Piontek - Didacta 2023

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BUNTE describes her as a "power woman with heart and mind". Sonja Piontek has a lasting effect on people, takes away their fear of change and sparks the courage to achieve great things. With extraordinary food for thought, inspiring ideas and infectious energy, the adventure-loving Munich native brings people to immediate implementation and sustainable success. Her clients include Google, Siemens, Bayer, IBM, T-Systems and Alinghi Red Bull Racing, successful international entrepreneurs and world-class athletes. She has lived in six countries and looks back on a successful international management career at the BMW Group. Today, she is an award-winning entrepreneur, globally sought-after keynote speaker, Spiegel bestselling author and executive coach.
and executive coach and offers the most extraordinary 'money-can't-buy' expeditions to Mongolia or the Namib Desert. As a speaker, she has spoken in 39 countries and inspired thousands of people. She speaks about mindset, success, change, transformation, potential development and leadership.


A keynote speaker plays a key role in the success of an event - Sonja Piontek takes this responsibility very seriously. In order to achieve maximum results for her clients, Sonja therefore develops each speech on a customized basis. The following are possible topics and content.



LIVING LEGACY - Away from mediocrity, towards real success - Unexpected insights from the Namib Desert Expedition

  • Finally moving away from mediocrity, status quo and 'underperformance' towards real (and sustainable!) success
    Initiating mindset change at all levels
  • Amazing insights from Sonja's expeditions through the Namib Desert with direct transfer to the everyday business of the respective client
  • Inspire teams with amazingly easy-to-implement tools
  • Inspire responsibility in every single employee and a real team spirit

LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP - 'First hand' insights into the world of success guarantors

  • Learn what's not in the books
  • 'First hand' experiences of the world's big names (not read, but from Sonja Piontek's direct collaboration with board members, Prince Harry, top athletes or multi-billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli)
  • Deep insights into the mindset of these international success guarantors, top athletes and VIPs
  • Understand how they manage to ignite the fire in their teams
  • Understand effective tools and amazing hacks from those who have really 'made it'
  • The all-important first step towards 'Legendary Leadership'


PHOENIX MINDSET - Learn from the eagle hunters of Mongolia what an incredible opportunity lies in change!

  • Recognize what an incredible opportunity every change holds
  • Impressive parallels between the eagle hunters of Mongolia and the challenges of everyday working life and how these can be successfully overcome
  • Effectively lose the fear of change and transformation
  • Breaking new ground with easy-to-use tools and sparking a desire for great things
  • Moving away from "can't" and "we've never done it before" towards the universe of possibilities 


MINDFULNESS - moving away from "spherical clouds of incense" and towards tangible tools

  • Amazing insights from Spiegel bestselling author on the subject of mindfulness, Sonja Piontek
  • Recognizing and using the enormous power of mindfulness in the business environment
  • Learn tangible and easy-to-implement tools
  • Integrate mindfulness into everyday life as the basis for greater success and satisfaction
  • Reduce heaviness and stress in just a few steps
  • Achieve greater corporate success through more mindful employees

References & Press

"Sonja's inspiring speech helped us enormously in achieving our goals. I can highly recommend her as a speaker."
Marcus Kramer, Member of the Board, Bayerische Landesbank

"What fireworks! Sonja's keynote and her impulses were 100% appropriate for our employees and our mission."
Andreas Heselschwerdt, Senior Vice President HR, T-Systems

"Sonja's spirit is infectious!"
Patrick Bohrnstein, Vice President, SICK

"Never before have I seen such excellence. Sonja has a true gift: the rare combination of vision combined with excellence."
Lewis Pugh, UN Special Envoy for the Oceans

"Sonja's ability to recognize and create potential is out of this world!"
Max & Jonas, young tenors

"Thank you for your fantastic work!"
Ernesto Bertarelli, owner of Alinghi, 9-times billionaire

"It's rare that you meet someone and say: 'Oh, she's nice. We've known each other for two hours now and I have to say: 'She's very nice!
Wolfram Kons, TV icon, "Mr. RTL Spendenmarathon"

"Sonja is a powerhouse of inspiration, on stage and beyond!"
Heinz Seidel, CEO, Ultradent Europe


Airbus, Allianz, ApoBank, Bayer, Bayerische Landesbank, BMW, Boehringer Ingelheim, Deutsche Telekom, DKSH, Google, IBM, Land Rover, Leica, SAP, Siemens, T-Systems, Ultradent


Press reviews:

"Power woman with heart and mind"

"As a successful speaker, Sonja Piontek inspires people all over the world"

"A lady like a Phoenix"

"Sonja Piontek is a highly engaging keynote speaker who delivers tangible results. She is filled with electric ideas and positive energies!"

"Business power woman"


Awards and honors:

  • SPIEGEL bestselling author
  • Certified Speaking Professional
  • TOP 100 Speaker - Speakers Excellence
  • Leading Influencer in Branding & Marketing 2022 - Global 100
  • Leading Influence in Branding & Marketing 2021 - Singapore Business Awards
  • Most Inspirational Branding & Marketing Thought Leader 2020 - Singapore Business Awards




ICH - Mein Workbook für mehr Achtsamkeit

ISBN : 1955655952


Reiseabenteuer: Sonnengeflüster. Zwei Frauen offroad durch Namibia. Eine unvergessliche Safarireise per Land Rover 4x4 durch Afrika. Mit berührenden ... Zwei Frauen offroad durchs unbekannte Namibia

ISBN : 3866907753

24.99 €


China, die türkise Couch und ich: Kurioses aus dem Reich der Mitte

ISBN : 3934918417

0.00 €


UltraCreativity - The Experiment

ISBN : 979-8638869496



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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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