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Stefan Ester

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Stefan Ester
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Stefan Ester, industrial engineer, is an expert when it comes to leadership by example. He started his career in the Craftsmanship. He went on to become a works representative at one of the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturers, managing director of 400 employees, and even division manager of an agricultural trade group with 6,500 employees. Under his responsibility and leadership, hundreds of sales staff were developed to double-digit million sales. Both as a manager and in an honorary capacity as head of the guild, he led more than 300 trainees to a career and later success in 10 years. True to the motto "From practice for practice", he now imparts practical knowledge for success in consultations, training courses and lectures. He knows how to give effective impulses for successful leadership across hierarchies and how to think his way into individual positions. Stefan Ester encourages people to lead authentically and to allow a culture of error.


Let's do it - 7 steps to a high-performance team!

  • How to create an environment that magnetically attracts employees
  • How to encourage and challenge employees in a way that makes them want to perform
  • How to measurably increase the economic results of your teams

Leaders are teachers - leadership by example

  • How to systematically develop your employees and increase your impact
  • How to create success stories in your team and celebrate them as role models
  • How employees become ambassadors for your company and attract talent from outside

Authentic Leader - 
Are you still playing a role or are you already leading?

  • How to become aware of your skills and strengthen your strengths
  • How to build a leader mindset, develop resilience and lead with confidence
  • How to create digital detox rules that allow you sufficient regeneration time and replenish your energy levels to 100%

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"[...] You do that and that makes you a magnet for others. And rest assured: there are so many companies, so many people who want to hear something like this, who want to learn something like this. Because they really can't or don't do this self-efficacy, as I call it, or as you call it, making decisions. You do it, you show it and that is so wonderful [...]"

"[...] You can entertain and also be entertained, but you do that through authenticity, through truth, through clarity, through sincerity, because you are simply a fine skin. I bow down to you! [...]" 
Hermann Scherer, speaker icon and bestselling author


"He is a real expert in his field! Highly professional, personal and authentic. You can feel that he lives what he says. I had the pleasure of experiencing his presentation live at a conference and he carried me and the whole audience away with his motivation and his speech. Rarely is there such a combination of professionalism with authenticity and enthusiasm. My recommendation? You have to experience him live!" Salvatore C. Entrepreneur


"A presentation that inspires confidence and spreads enthusiasm for developing potential. Accompanying young people in crucial, decisive phases of their lives, listening and getting closed characters to talk - these are Stefan Ester's talents, among many others. But these are what he likes most about himself. They are his mission, because he himself knows how important it is to follow his destiny. Leading a self-determined life can succeed with him as a coach, mentor, speaker and consultant with many years of leadership experience. Competence that he embodies and enjoys sharing." Silke K., entrepreneur  


"I recently experienced Stefan Ester at a live lecture and I was thrilled! Great expertise in the field of leadership development met passion and enthusiasm, presented authentically and excitingly, plus an impressive stage presence. Highly recommended!" Claudia R.



Aufbruch des Lebens – der Stille eine Sprache geben: Warum der richtige Wegbegleiter deinen Weg abkürzt und der falsche dir nur das Geld aus der Tasche zieht

ISBN : 3945542723

19.90 €



ISBN : 978-3945542651


Ausgezeichnetes Expertenwissen Band 4

ISBN : 978-3-949869-72-3

19.99 €



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