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Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

Motivated. Inspired. Activated.



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich
Speaker Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich
  • Das Günter-Prinzip: So motivierst du deinen inneren Schweinehund // Dr. Stefan Frädrich

  • So überwindest du deine 8 unterbewussten Urängste // Dr. Stefan Frädrich

  • EN | Innerer Schweinehund: Deswegen machen dich positive Gedanken stark // Stefan Frädrich

  • „Ich weiß, wie du tickst!” // Dr. Stefan Frädrich

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Stefan Frädrich, MD, is a coach, trainer, keynote speaker, author, physician, founder and entrepreneur. For two decades he has been developing seminars, lectures, books and programs for success, business and health. He founded the popular continuing education platform Greator, previously GEDANKENtanken, which operates, among other things, the most successful German speaking channel on YouTube. He wrote 25 books, including several bestsellers and longsellers, invented the popular motivational mascot "Günter, the inner pig dog" and is a member of the Senate of Economy Germany e.V. & Senate of Economy Europe. As an award-winning professional speaker, Stefan Frädrich motivates thousands of seminar and lecture participants every year. His goal is to make complex issues understandable, logical and entertaining" and thus make a difference! He lives what he talks about and rocks the stage. Online and offline.


Success: Achieving goals

  • Why goals are nonsense
  • How we achieve them anyway
  • The power of inner alignment
  • Goals compass with three needles
  • Clarify meaning
  • Building routines
  • Achieving goals
  • Pitfalls: Crises, chaos, distractions
  • Using the flow principle
  • Flexible control

Motivation: Caffeine for the soul

  • Question automatisms
  • Leave comfort zones
  • Overcome fears
  • Release brakes
  • Growth
  • Finding meaning
  • Going new ways
  • Achieving goals

A matter for the boss: principles of successful leadership

  • Living responsibility
  • Leadership today
  • Create inspiration & vision
  • Fuel Trust
  • Living projects & processes
  • Future engine Change & Innovation
  • Leading by example Ethics
  • Honesty & Communication
  • Living entrepreneurship

References & Press

Speaker Awards:

  • Hall of Fame 2020 (German Speakers Association)
  • Speaker of the Year 2020 (Rhetorik Akademie Tübingen)
  • Top Speaker of the Year 2018 (Magazin Training)
  • Trainer of the Year 2011 (Magazine Training)
  • Innovation Award 2009 (German Speakers Association)

Awards GEDANKENtanken bzw. Greator:

  • Best German Employers 2020 
  • (Great Place to Work, 2nd place, 50-100 MA)
  • Top Employer Medium-Sized Companies 2020 (Focus)
  • Europe's Best Workplaces 2019 (Great Place to Work)
  • Best German Employer 2019 (1st place)
  • Growth Champion 2019 (Focus)
  • Innovator of the Year 2019 (Brand eins)
  • Top Innovator 2019 (

Excerpt references:

Antenne Bayern, BMW, Coca Cola, Deutsche Post, ERGO, FibuNet, Greator, Haspa, IGBCE, Jako-o, Karstadt, Linde, Nestlé, Mercedes, Novartis, OBI, Procter and Gamble ...

Hey, I've been doing this job since 2003! This is getting silly.

Media & TV:

  • „Happiness can be learned" (VOX)
  • "Besser essen - Leben leicht gemacht" (ProSieben & Sat.1, 59 episodes from 2007 - 2011)
  • "The big health check" (WDR)
  • "Non-smoker in 5 hours" (Focus Gesundheit)
  • Talk guest "Hart aber fair"
  • "Johannes B. Kerner"
  • "Menschen bei Maischberger"
  • "3 nach 9"
  • "Nachtcafé" et al.



Warum Ziele Quatsch sind – und wie wir sie trotzdem erreichen: Die Kraft der inneren Ausrichtung

ISBN : 3833883235

22.00 €


Das Günter-Prinzip: So motivieren Sie Ihren inneren Schweinehund (Günter, der innere Schweinehund)

ISBN : 3869361697

19.90 €


Das Günter-Prinzip fürs Business: So werden Sie schweinehundeerfolgreich (Günter, der innere Schweinehund)

ISBN : 3869367954

19.90 €



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Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

Required equipment

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