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"You lead the customer, not the customer leads you!"



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Stefanie Scheel
Trainer Stefanie Scheel
  • Wie du mit deiner Ehrlichkeit jeden Tag Umsatz verhindern kannst!

  • Dieser Tipp verhilft dir zu mehr Umsatz!

  • Mit diesen Tipps rockst du die Mehrfachberatung 🚀!

  • Speaker Slam Swiss 2020 | Mitarbeitermotivation & -wertschätzung

  • Mach Deine Kunden WACH, die vermeintlich 'nur' gucken wollen!

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Stefanie Scheel is an expert in sales and leadership and has turned her passion into her profession. A qualified retail saleswoman and business administration graduate, she has been successfully training employees and managers at large and international retail and beauty companies in the DACH region for 15 years. She has many years of management experience in retail and worked in sales herself for many years. Her training courses are convincing due to their absolute practical relevance (from practice for practice). She is one of the best in her field and illustrates all techniques and tips with clear examples. Everything she trains can be applied immediately and is easy and quick to understand. Over the years, she has also developed a technique with which additional sales can be realized easily, purposefully and successfully. She works in a highly motivating way and is always fun and enthusiastic. Stefanie Scheel has had a successful YouTube channel since 2019 (Powershower für Flächenhelden) on which she gives tips for sales pitches.


Smartselling: Fit in sales! How to inspire your customers from the first impression to the farewell.

  • "You're just looking, aren't you?" Discover new and personalised ways to engage in a playful and successful conversation with your customers and boost your conversion rate.
  • "Just the way it hangs there! How to get the most out of your product range and awaken needs.
  • "Do you need anything else!" With this method, your additional sales will probably not lead to the desired success. Learn how to successfully realise additional sales in a simple, unobtrusive and yet individual way.


"Can you actually still be helped?" Learn how to act calmly and professionally in difficult situations with customers and/or employees.

  • Find out what happens inside us when we are confronted with attacks, accusations and insinuations.
  • Get to know simple methods for calming the waters, with which you can take the wind out of your opponent's sails.
  • "A rush through the storm!" Use practical examples to learn how to act quickly and confidently in difficult situations.


As a good leader, you behave stupidly, curiously and lazily - then you are doing everything right! In this training course, you will find out exactly what is behind this.

  • How to use simple techniques and methods to become a confident and competent manager.
  • How you can recognise the strengths of your employees, use them in a targeted way and get the best out of them.
  • See good things and talk about them! Give feedback, but safely! Get to know methods for giving feedback correctly and apply them immediately. You will be amazed at what happens.

References & Press

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2018 Finalist at the Herrmann Schwerer Speakerslam in Hamburg
2019 Winner of the Speakerslam Stuttgart and award in the Communication and Motivation category
2020 Third place at the 1st international Speakerslam in Switzerland, Oerlikon


Strellson, Windsor, Joop, Parfümerie Douglas, Schwarzkopf, Babyone, Esprit, Estee Lauder, BIPA, Aust Fashion, Witt Weiden, CB Mode, Intersport, Feinheimisch, Baby Walz, Peek & Cloppenburg, SinnLeffers, Futterhaus, Modehaus am Postplatz, Kaufhaus Ahrens, Citti-Park, Fahrrad XXL, Berufsschule für den Einzelhandel München Mitte.

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