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Stefanie Voss


Stefanie Voss is Mrs. Blackbeard - the businesswoman with a pirate's soul. She went to the U.S. as an exchange student at 16, moved to Argentina for her employer at 23, and signed on with a sailing ship at 25 to circumnavigate the globe. Her "world explorer genes" made her a cosmopolitan early on. At the age of 31, she was already a department head in a DAX company with extensive budget and personnel responsibility. After a 15-year international corporate career, she changed course in 2009 and founded her own company. She consistently demonstrates the courage to make unusual decisions far from what "one should do". Her extraordinary sailing experience, her pragmatism, but also her business expertise through her extensive leadership and management experience in Europe, USA and Latin America make her an internationally sought-after speaker. Her keynotes on leadership, pirate strategy, VUCA, diversity and agility are radically honest and evocative - and they move people into action. Her first book, "The Pirate Strategy - Living Without Ifs and Buts," was published by Campus Verlag in March 2023. Stefanie Voss' team and leadership workshops and her goal-oriented coaching work inspire people from a wide range of industries and professions. She works for large corporations, SMEs, freelancers, and the social and public sectors.


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„Stefanie Voss is an excellent business facilitator for leadership seminars and workshops. With her precise communication methods and broad leadership skills, she demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and expertise.“ Harvey Pope, Service Delivery Manager, TIMETOACT GmbH


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Die Piratenstrategie

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