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Sven Schultze
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Sven Schultze, magician, keynote speaker and author knows what he is talking about. He has dared to dream and has made his visions come true. As a child, he saw David Copperfield walk through the Great Wall of China at a show and decided: I want to meet the world-famous magician in person and inspire people myself in a magical way. He succeeded in both. He met David Copperfield in Las Vegas and enchanted audiences for 15 years as an illusionist in demand throughout Europe. Then he combined magic with his talent as a speaker and motivator and took the speaking stage by storm. His clients include medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Today, Sven Schultze is successful as a top speaker with his magical keynote speeches. He now looks back on more than 1,500 speeches in German and English. Standing ovations at the end of his keynotes are not uncommon for him. Sven Schultze combines the art of magic with the art of speaking to create a completely new speaking experience that is unique in the industry.


From the very first moment, your audience senses that something special is going on here. With his captivating performance, Sven Schultze manages to make the spark fly and ignite the fire of enthusiasm.

Magic your Business! - 
Making the corporate spirit shine

  • How to break free from firmly held beliefs
  • How to question things and put them to the test
  • How to give room to new thinking and develop a moving vision of a successful future
  • How to unleash dynamic energies with an impressive perspective and foster the courage and team spirit of your employees with the enthusiasm of a start-up
  • How your company becomes the beacon of your industry and magically attracts customers

Magic your Sales! - 
Enchant & magically attract customers

  • How to make your product unique and magically attractive
  • How to win customers emotionally with your sales presentation
  • How to achieve magical market prices and increase sales with the right product story

Magic your Life! - With personality to success

  • How to move from spectator to actor on the stage of life
  • How to become aware of your abilities and take responsibility for developing them
  • How to define goals, program them mentally and achieve them as if by magic

References & Press

Press commentaries:

"Fascination is not an illusion" ERFOLG Magazin 

"Germany's best speaker" Sauerlandkurier

"He put his audience under high tension". Funke Medien


Customer testimonials:

"What Mr. Schultze has already done at such a young age is sheer unbelievable!" Claudius Pachowiak, Bertelsmann AG

"My absolute top recommendation is Sven Schultze! A man who really knows how to rock stages. He has stage experience in a way that you rarely find."
Hermann Scherer, Speaker Icon and Bestselling Author


Awards & Honors:

  • Excellence and Winner Award at the international Speaker Slam 2019 in Düsseldorf.
  • Winner at the worldwide 1st Silent Speaker Slam 2019 in Düsseldorf
  • Audience Award at the Speakers Excellence Speaker Slam 2021 in Stuttgart
  • Award as TOP Expert for Motivation by ERFOLG Magazine 2023
  • Awarded as one of the 500 most important minds in the world of success by ERFOLG magazine 2021


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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Show-Act

  • Workshop

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