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Tanja Franz

Let go of stress! - Why FEELGOOD takes us further



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


Tanja Franz
Trainer Tanja Franz




"Why are some people happy, satisfied and successful in both their professional and private lives?" Tanja Franz has been successfully investigating and analyzing this question for years and is passionate about passing it on. She has been active in the pharmaceutical and medical business for over 25 years. In recent years, she worked as a sales manager with more than 70 employees and her main goal was to increase the performance of each employee. In 2019, Tanja Franz founded her company "Framedi" and has since been helping companies in various industries to promote and retain the right employees. As a speaker, seminar leader and mentor, she inspires as an "inspiration booster" with different and completely new ways of thinking and motivates people to break new ground. She clearly shows where things are going wrong in the company and at home and uses a pinch of humor and self-irony to point out what really matters in the company. Her motto is "Stress, let up! Fuck work-life balance - why FEELGOOD takes us further."


"Let go of stress!" -
Why FEELGOOD helps us move forward

  • How not to let unnecessary things stress you out
  • Why you should never separate your professional and private life
  • "First you come, then the others!" FEELGOOD or GO HOME - Why we make our (professional) lives difficult

Business FEELGOOD -
So that change finally works!

  • How are increasing employee performance, change processes and FEELGOOD connected? 
  • Corporate clarity redefined - change starts in the kitchenette
  • Out of operational blindness - successfully implementing change processes with FEELGOOD 

Corporate VISION - 
Learning to live(i)ng at last through Business FEELGOOD

  • Why it's not enough to have the company mission statement hanging in front of the toilet
  • Only if you set the direction can others honestly follow
  • How to reignite the mood turbo - 3 concrete strategies for a better atmosphere

References & Press

"Never separate work and private life - Tanja Franz -. 'Speech artist with charisma' Her presentation hit a nerve in the working world."


"Very lively, humorous and inspiring for us managers. The time flew by - thank you very much!" 
Sven S. Head of R&D department


"Tanja Franz is a highly experienced manager with great intuition. She manages to do what many leaders and coaches cannot: To motivate and inspire managers and teams." 
K. Jansen, leadership, pharmaceutical industry

"Tanja Franz is a person you always enjoy meeting and listening to. Thanks to her emphatic manner, she can inspire a room full of listeners in just a few minutes. Her expertise and charisma make her an incomparable experience." 
H. Wagner, Business Unit Management Medical Technology


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