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Mag. Teresa Adler

Gold and rubble come in the same river. You have to sift it out yourself.



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Mag. Teresa Adler
Speaker Mag. Teresa Adler
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  • Best Ofs - Gönnen Sie sich eine Krise | Teresa Adler

  • Das Gold deines Lebens | Teresa Adler

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Teresa Adler, keynote speaker, moderator and communications expert, is one of the most entertaining and inspiring mental coaches in the German-speaking world. She is an expert for success mindset, mental strength and personality development and has advanced in recent years to become a sought-after keynote speaker for companies in all industries. From her wealth of experience as Head of Corporate Communications of an international corporation and her coaching activities for speeches and public appearances, from C-level management to NGOs and political functionaries, she brings the areas of tension of today's leaders humorously and bluntly to the point. Teresa Adler has been awarded several times as an international top speaker and inspires her audience - whether congress, employee event or customer event. She motivates, asks the right questions and is the first port of call for all topics related to CRISES ("Allow yourself a crisis"), MOTIVATION ("When diamonds are made from rubble, celebrate that you have so much raw material") and MINDSET ("Why your actions influence your mindset and not the other way around").



The Goliath Paradox - 
Why the slingshot beats the armor

  • How to become aware of your company's strengths (structure, culture, uniqueness) and how to develop and use these competitive advantages in a targeted manner
  • How to identify, develop and leverage your talents based on strengths
  • How to focus on your competencies, make your flexibility a virtue and cleverly & strategically defeat your giants


The Gold Principle -
What makes successful people and companies

  • How the principles of gold mining become the blueprint for personal and corporate success
  • How to sift out the gold in a river of rubble with the right method
  • How to find your gold trail in the midst of greatest failures, follow it, collect nuggets and shape them into gold bars


Allow yourself a crisis -
Why therein lies the key to innovation & even more

  • How to strategically ask the right questions to get the right answers
  • How to sharpen your perspective, quickly analyze causes for strengths and weaknesses and develop targeted strategies
  • How to systematically test your status quo, consistently innovate and reach a new level on a personal and business level

Moderation & Business Talks - To the point!

  • journalistic & competent
  • factual & sovereign
  • dynamic & charming

Further topics:


The Mindset Trap -
Dealing with mental challenges in pressure situations

Luminosity as a success factor -
Why the moth burns at the light

References & Press

Customer testimonials:

"I don't know anyone who communicates the topics around mental strength and personality development in a more captivating way than Ms. Mag. Adler.  Anyone who wants to develop their employees and better prepare them for the next challenges should "treat themselves to a crisis" with her. An eye-opening and extremely inspiring keynote."
Joshua J. Lee, Director HR, Daimler Truck North America

"You could listen to Ms. Adler forever. She asks the right questions, she makes the most hardened CEO laugh, she has her finger on the pulse 100% as a mental coach, and she communicates and entertains at an outstanding level."
Mag. Robert Slovacek, CEO Verbund Energy4Business

"Ms. Adler brings a radiance to the room that is second to none. I consider her to be extremely competent professionally and incredibly entertaining." 
Hannes Bardach, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Frequentis AG

Excerpt of company references:  

Tchibo GmbH, Design Austria, ÖBB, Verbund, Frequentis AG, Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Vienna City Marthon, TTTech Group, IDC Austria, VetMed Uni Wien, Holzforschung Austria, VZI, Interconnection Consulting, Puls 4, ORF, Schindler Aufzüge, AUVA, Österreichische Post AG, EU-Osha, Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft and many more.

  • Winner (1st place) of the Speaker Contest at the 9th International Congress for Mental Strength, Vienna 2022
  • Winner (1st place) of the International Hermann Scherer Speaking Award, Mastershausen 2023
  • Finalist of the Newcomer Casting of the German Speakers Association, Final on 16.04.2024 at the GSA Business Forum, Dortmund



Gönnen Sie sich eine Krise!

ISBN : 978-3990604212

24.00 €



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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

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  • Online lecture

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