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Thomas Brockmann

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Thomas Brockmann
Trainer Thomas Brockmann
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Thomas Brockmann is a sales mindset pioneer and recognized expert with 40 years of experience in telemarketing and sales coaching. After training as a mental coach in 2001, he subsequently founded one of the most successful telemarketing agencies with a focus on active sales on the telephone. During his leadership, he established himself as a luminary and developed over 250 employees into exceptionally successful salespeople. He attributes the success factors to the "Fit-For-Sales Method", which he founded and which he uses as a mental trainer to achieve maximum sales results. In his training courses and lectures, he conveys the mindset of top salespeople as a key factor in their success. His ability to guide salespeople to peak performance by removing mental blocks and promoting a positive sales mindset makes him a true champion in his field. Thomas Brockmann is the perfect choice if you are looking for a sales trainer who will motivate your team and help them unleash their inner sales potential.


Goodbye sales slump - developing the sales mindset

  • How to strengthen your self-confidence for successful sales talks
  • How to establish a customer-oriented mindset
  • How to build more resilience in sales
  • How to promote mental flexibility in sales


Power factor beliefs - the power of thoughts

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs
  • How to align your thoughts for success
  • How to use beliefs as a source of motivation
  • How to stay focused and goal-oriented

In action - The success factors of top salespeople

  • How to establish proactive action in your daily sales routine
  • How to convince through creative ways of thinking in sales
  • How to practice effective self-management in sales
  • How to continuously develop your sales skills

Towards a dream team - from individual strengths to joint success

  • How to develop a shared sales vision within the team
  • How to create a performance-oriented team climate
  • How to strengthen the personal responsibility of each team member
  • How to deepen customer orientation in the team


References & Press

"Thomas Brockmann is an outstanding trainer for the sales mindset. As a former professional athlete and 17-time boxing world champion, I know how important it is to be mentally focused in the ring and in life. His Fit-For-Sales method is a valuable support for salespeople to maximize their sales success."
Ina Menzer, boxing champion


"Thomas Brockmann is an excellent mindset coach who knows how to train not only the usual external dialog as in classic sales training, but also the inner dialog. Highly recommended!" 
André Möllersmann, Vice President of the University of Applied Management

"Our marketing campaigns with Mr. Brockmann were very successful and led to good results. We would work with him again at any time and are happy to recommend the company to others." 
Jan Gassmann, Marketing Manager, Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co.KG

"We have been working with Mr. Brockmann and his team since 2012. Mr. Brockmann has always proven to be a reliable partner with exceptionally high conversion and consistently reliable sales results. Thanks to his many years of experience, Mr. Brockmann always brings new ideas to the collaboration." 
Hartmut Wehrmeyer, Board of Directors INTRAG Internet Regional AG

"Without ifs and buts! If you need the best possible sales support in telemarketing, work with this team, it is extremely worthwhile. Thanks to Mr. Brockmann's extensive experience, we were able to significantly expand our customer potential in WLAN marketing in 2019." 
Felix Schönfelder, Managing Director of Socialwave GmbH


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