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Torsten Kentel
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Diplom-Kaufmann Torsten Kentel is a passionate speaker and consultant. He is a qualified banker and studied business administration at the universities of Münster and Geneva. He has been working as a trainer and lecturer at universities as a financial expert and career coach for over 15 years. The focus of his work is to convey complex financial and career knowledge in an understandable way. Doctors, dentists, lawyers, engineers, scientists and business economists, both as individuals and in the form of their companies, receive long-term and profitable advice from Mr. Kentel. With his motivating, inspiring and clear manner, he inspires his participants in coaching sessions and seminars with his expert knowledge. He is a sought-after specialist for getting to the heart of the specialist knowledge of the German financial sector. In his presentations, he outlines the "gos and no-gos" of day-to-day dealings in the world of careers and finance. He manages to individually combine classic financial planning with professional competence and soft skills. Thanks to his specialist knowledge of tax advisors, auditors and notaries, he is also a sought-after partner for these professional groups when it comes to financial and insurance issues.


Successful entrepreneurs

  • Transparency in the economic and financial jungle in the company and for the entrepreneur
  • What are the 7 deadly sins in asset protection and wealth accumulation
  • How the right strategic financial planning can put your company at the top of your industry
  • The sunny and dark sides of company pension schemes
  • Attracting, retaining and motivating competent employees 
  • Company health management as an incentive system for employees
  • Entrepreneur care: protecting family and company assets - but how?
  • What makes good financial advice and planning?

Successful freelancers, healthcare entrepreneurs and chamber professionals

  • Successfully mastering pitfalls in manager and professional liability insurance
  • Financing strategies and subsidies 
  • Competent cover for existential risks and key persons
  • Manager liability solutions such as D&O and company director cover
  • Business start-ups, succession planning and staff recruitment
  • Solutions for cyber attacks and data loss

Successful academics

  • Business etiquette - Stylistically confident in communication, business lunchs and clothing
  • The "ME" brand - perfect self-presentation in combination with language and body language 
  • Saving taxes during and after your studies

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The enthusiasm of the participants is clearly expressed in the individual ratings. More than 8,000 participants rated his presentations between 1.0 and 1.5.

"I can only recommend the career advice because I got a lot of ideas and the view from the outside - especially when it comes from an experienced expert - is very valuable."
Student at the International School of Management


"As a medium-sized global market leader, we are constantly faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining excellent employees. With competence and enthusiasm, Mr. Kentel showed us ways of the financial industry that have been successfully implemented in our company to this day." 
Authorized signatory


"We actually thought we had our financial plans under control. After the workshop, we knew: We were wrong. Thank you very much for the stimulating and inspiring presentation. Keep up the good work." Commercial manager of a medical center


"In our large law firm, the light burns for a very long time. The war for talent will decide the future of the firm. Thank you for the technically sound and sometimes humorous presentation on the existential security of entrepreneurs and employees as well as on real estate as a retirement provision." 



"Hello Mr. Kentel, I was just on your Xing profile on the Internet. In the awards section, I discovered that you are a top financial advisor and have won a retirement provision award. Congratulations on this!" Client

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Workshop

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