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Udo Herrmann

Master knowledge for busines success - Efficient processes for a better quality of life



Management, Leadership & Change


Udo Herrmann
Trainer Udo Herrmann
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The versatile entrepreneur Udo Herrmann has been inspiring audiences with his expertise in lectures and training courses for over 10 years, true to the motto: Master craftsman knowledge for your company's success. Since 2000, he has been running an award-winning craft business that has won several national competitions. For over 30 years, he has been developing pragmatic methods for recurring tasks and has created "The Success Concept for Craftsmen". Hundreds of companies have used it to get their processes under control. Udo Herrmann creates clarity and encourages change. In his book "Von nichts kommt niemand", he provides valuable tips for attracting and retaining skilled workers. The bestseller "Endlich alles im Lot" is a helpful tool for process optimization that empowers employees and inspires customers. His exciting presentations provide extraordinary tips, entertain and motivate small and medium-sized companies to implement them.



More power through clear processes

  • How to develop efficient processes from the first customer inquiry through to recommendation
  • How to use professional guidelines and checklists to take the pressure off employees, increase your quality and spare your nerves
  • How to optimize your business with digitalization and position it securely for the future

Stop time and revenue wasters - gain valuable life time

  • How to identify and eliminate deficiencies in your usual operating processes
  • How to avoid search times, unnecessary routes and errors and increase your profits
  • Which structures really help you to work in a planned and relaxed manner


Nobody comes from nothing

  • Masters don't fall from the sky! Why the changing labor market requires new ways of recruiting employees 
  • Team players are found in sport! How you can use strategy and the right approach to reach and attract motivated employees to your company today
  • The right tone makes the music! How to lead with confidence and promote personal responsibility in the team with motivating goals


Further topics:

Shaping succession and securing your future with a value-based strategy, good processes and motivated employees

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"Queries, search times and errors - that really costs money and nerves in a trade business. Udo Herrmann impressively shows our customers which tools can be used to structure the company and set it up efficiently. Great - absolutely recommendable!"
Jürgen Krichbaum, Head of Seminar Management, DAW Academy, Caparol/DAW


"Grippingly honest, authentic and professional" - that's how I would describe Udo Herrmann. Udo Herrmann has coached our young managers in several events. The feedback was overwhelming. His technical background, his understanding of the day-to-day problems of a tradesman and his profound specialist knowledge coupled with his pleasant, empathetic manner have completely won us over. Recommendation? 100%!"
Dipl.- Ing. MBA Oliver Zobernig, Managing Director, HSH Installatör, Austria


"Udo Herrmann has a precise eye for the small but crucial details and pitfalls that are often overlooked in everyday business life, but which - because they occur so frequently and are repeatedly done wrong - often determine the success or failure of the company. He counters this with a well thought-out and systematic approach that leaves as little as possible to chance." 
Olaf Deininger, Editor-in-Chief, Handwerk Magazin


"We only get top ratings from our customers. Since we started working with Udo, we have improved by two whole school grades. Udo is a great support for us. His work is absolutely individual and tailor-made, and he's also the kind of guy who is happy to accept recommendations and criticism." 
Alexander Bohn, Managing Director, Master Carpenter, Structural Engineering Technician, Bohn Holzbau & Dachdeckerei



Von nichts kommt niemand: Mit talentiertem Nachwuchs die Zukunft im Handwerk meistern

ISBN : 3778310186

34.90 €


Endlich alles im Lot: Das Profikonzept für mehr Freiraum und Erfolg im Handwerk

ISBN : 3778312316

34.90 €



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