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Uwe Steinweh

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Management, Leadership & Change


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Uwe Steinweh
Entrepreneur Uwe Steinweh
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Uwe Steinweh is the expert when it comes to successful business relationships and strategic communication. He realised early on that “you have to reach people before you can reach anything.” Especially in digital times, personal relationships and their maintenance are the number one success factor.As a passionate speaker, coach and professional networker, he shows his audience and customers how they can establish and expand business contacts more successfully and easily. It shows how everyone at trade fairs, events and events can immediately engage in conversation and win over people for themselves. As a speaker, he turns his lectures from the events at which he speaks into active networking events, i.e. he inspires the audience to engage directly with each other. A real added value for every organizer of an employee or customer event or at trade fairs and network meetings.


K-times are B-times – How to build successful customer relationships in low-contact times

Uwe Steinweh shows how important it is, especially in times of (K)crisis, to cultivate relationships with its customers and desired customers. Relationship building is easy. Online or offline. If you stick to the A.S.E. principle in your B2B contacts. Uwe Steinweh holds a mirror in front of us in his lecture. Find out from him what kind of relationship-building type you are and why you sometimes need “a bathing cap” when building relationships...?!

SuccessReich Networks – How to Successfully Attract People and Build Relationships

  • Why analogue networking is particularly important in digital times
  • How to get into conversation immediately at trade fairs, events and events and win over people for you
  • Why online matters, but how offline works
  • I DON'T, DO I? Do you know what kind of network you are?

Successful Relationships – How to Win New Customers!

  • Bet that... you don't know your best product
  • How to gain new customers permanently with the A.S.E. principle
  • Relationship sales before presentation sales
  • How to achieve targeted sales success
  • Do you know what you're doing?
  • Ass bomb or long-distance swimmer


Other topics of the expert:

Sales-Live-Coaching: Tell Me Your Challenges (the new stage format One for All)
Leadership: The 5 Challenges of a Leader
Strategy: How do I become an attractive employer? Attract and retain good employees
Communication: Strategic communication in dealing with difficult customers:
Marketing: conducting successful events and trade fairs



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References & Press

“Unbelievably great presentation. Structured and coherent from front to back! Feedback from attendees is super good! The idea of giving networking tips at a networking event is brilliant! Hats off! Attendees I’ve known for a long time and who usually speak to rather restrained people have become more self-confident and have suddenly done business without any problems. Awesome! People loved you. Very balanced balance of humor and seriousness.” P. Kaul, Managing Director,


“Lecture with many interesting impulses. Very practical, with many starting points that can be taken directly into one’s own everyday life. An entertaining lecture, not a theoretical and dry treatise.” 
Mr. Fischer, VR-Bank Berg. Gladbach-Leverkusen


“A not only professional but convincing presentation on an important topic. Uwe Steinweh has managed to master the challenge of building a close relationship with the participants despite the online format. I am looking forward to further encounters." E.C. Herfeldt, Commerzbank AG



NETZWERKEN Der Erfolgsfaktor für mehr Geschäft

ISBN : 9783000777486

14.99 €



Expert Marketplace - Uwe Steinweh - Impressions 0
Expert Marketplace - Uwe Steinweh - Impressions 1
Expert Marketplace - Uwe Steinweh - Impressions 2
Expert Marketplace - Uwe Steinweh - Impressions 3
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Sie suchen nach einer neuen Inspiration für Ihr Kundenevent, Ihren Kongress, Ihre Messe oder Ihre Mitarbeiterveranstaltung?

Der Netzwerkprofi Uwe Steinweh verändert mit seiner Keynote 
ErfolgReich Netzwerken - Wie Sie erfolgreich Menschen gewinnen und Beziehungen aufbauen 
die Kommunikation Ihrer Teilnehmer direkt in der Veranstaltung

Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Practical relevance

  • Business talk

  • Interview

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