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Verona Pooth
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  • Höhepunkt des Felix Burda Award 2024: Verona Pooth erinnert an ihre Freundin Christa Maar

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Verona Pooth, a versatile advertising icon, presenter, bestselling author, producer and entrepreneur, is known for her impressive career in the fashion and entertainment industry. As the creator of the talk format ‘More Than Talking’ on Magenta TV and keynote speaker, she inspires at congresses, forums, galas and events. She began her impressive career at the age of 19, winning four international beauty titles, including Miss Germany and Miss World, and launched a music career as a singer under the artist name Chocolate. Her summer hit ‘Rythmo della noche’ earned her a gold disc. In addition to her media presence, Verona has developed her own product lines in fashion, lingerie, cosmetics and jewellery, successfully marketed through channels such as Karstadt, Otto, QVC and HSE24. She has received awards for her entrepreneurial success and social commitment, including the Bambi and the State Media Prize. She regularly delights her audience with her authentic, spontaneous, stylish and humorous manner and the whiteness of her appearance, whether as a presenter or entrepreneur. She is an example of how you can become successful without having the perfect prerequisites.

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Career is no coincidence - How to become successful despite all odds

  • Is it all coincidence, is it all luck, is it all DNA? 
  • Learn the drivers and building blocks of success, how to become truly successful and achieve greater self-confidence
  • How to make a career without having perfect prerequisites

StartUp - The dream of your own business

  • How to set up a start-up at a young age and become successful with it
  • How to convince investors and place your company on the market
  • How to successfully market your company using best practice factors

Moderation of galas, award ceremonies, events & company anniversaries

  • festive & charming
  • eloquent & stylish
  • humorous & likeable
  • authentic & quick-witted

Moderation of business, entrepreneur & start-up talks

  • Best practice & insider knowledge
  • factual & confident
  • quick-witted & spontaneous
  • empathetic & multi-faceted


References & Press

1990: Golden record - once gold

1993: Miss Germany

1993: Miss Intercontinental

1995: Miss American Dream

2000 German Comedy Award for Best Comedy Advert

2001 Bambi in the career category
2003: Maxim-Woman of the year (Business-Woman)

2003: ‘Honorary Business Economist’ of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

2004: Brisant Brilliant for her social commitment



Nimm dir alles, gib viel

ISBN : 978-3868829884



ISBN : 978-3000756665



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Verona Pooth


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