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Bright spot instead of blackout. Why we need to think anew when improving the world



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Vince Ebert
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  • Vince Ebert - Best of "Zufällig erfolgreich"

  • Vince Ebert - Best of "Big Dadaismus. Mit gesundem Menschenverstand durch die Digitalisierung"

  • Vince Ebert: "Evolution" - 3Sat Festival 2014

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Vince Ebert, bestselling author, TV presenter and cabaret artist, studied physics in Würzburg. He worked in an international management consultancy and in market research before starting his stage career in 1998. His stage programs made him known as a science cabaret artist who captivates both laypeople and scientific audiences with wordplay and comedy. He is currently on tour with "Make Science Great Again." He is also appearing with his English program "Sexy Science. Serious Humor - Made in Germany" on stages in the UK and the USA. For DAS ERSTE (ARD), he hosted the program "Wissen vor acht - Werkstatt" for ten years. His books have sold over 500,000 copies. With his lectures, he gives companies new impulses, enriches congresses with clever and provocative thoughts, and gives people the courage to take unconventional paths. Vince Ebert - a guarantor for infotainment at the highest level, who will also make your event an emotional experience, in German as well as in English.


Bright spot instead of blackout. Why we need to think differently when it comes to improving the world.

The most important resource in this country is in our heads.
Instead of fear of the future, appeals to abandonment and rhetoric of doom, we need more courage, more openness to technology and more enthusiasm for progress. A humorous plea for more rationality and pragmatism.

"Priorities. What's really important?"

More than ever, companies need optimism,
inventiveness and a good dose of humor.
Among other things, you will learn:

  • why improvisation is more important than perfection
  • why a step back is often a step forward


„Big Dadaismus. With common sense through digitalization".


Vince Ebert advises serenity and dispels popular myths, promises of salvation and horror visions of tomorrow's business world.
Using witty and surprising examples, he shows where humans are superior to even the most intelligent computers and how, with imagination and creativity, one will continue to be successful in business in the future.


"Accidentally Successful! Why the world is not predictable and how we can use that".

  • Vince Ebert uses humorous examples from natural science, neuromarketing and chaos theory to explain where we encounter coincidence everywhere and why we have such a hard time with it.
  • But coincidences are absolutely necessary conditions for progress and innovation.

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"Vince Ebert is a unique speaker. His mixture of profound knowledge and humor inspired us and our customers at many events. He sweeps the audience along and playfully manages to convey complex knowledge content in an inspiring way."
Alexandra Ferenz, Commerzbank AG

"Vince Ebert delights his audience with a refreshing and honest combination of science and humor. He takes apart the phenomena and problems of our everyday life in a subtle or occasionally brash way from a scientific perspective. Vince Ebert elegantly combines his keen powers of observation with the analytical structure of a scientist to create profound excitement. Our audience was blown away." Katharina Laabs, Head of Research and Human Resources Marketing. DIE ZEIT



Lichtblick statt Blackout: Warum wir beim Weltverbessern neu denken müssen

ISBN : 3423263423

15.00 €


Unberechenbar: Warum das Leben zu komplex ist, um es perfekt zu planen

ISBN : 3499631121

16.99 €


Broadway statt Jakobsweg. Mein Anti-Entschleunigungsjahr in New York

ISBN : ISBN: 9783548062723

11.99 €


Hörbuch: Broadway statt Jakobsweg. Mein Anti-Entschleunigungsjahr in New York

ISBN : ISBN: 9783844539707

11.99 €

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