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Walter Gunz

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Walter Gunz
Entrepreneur Walter Gunz
  • Der Weltmarktführer-Talk mit Walter Gunz, Dr. Mark Hiller, Dr. Valentin langen und Dr. Walter Döring

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Walter Gunz began his career as a department manager at Karstadt and in 1979 founded Media Markt, now Europe's largest electronics store giant. With his motto that trust produces quality and that joy as well as recognition lead to successful action, he led his once 22,000 satisfied employees. "You mustn't grind people into shape, then they become smaller and smaller" - the loss of individuality leads to joyless employees, because success is only achieved "when you do something completely and with conviction". Today, the studied philosopher deals with the big questions of life - love, faith and hope - and published the book "The Gift" in 2017. For him, material wealth does not count and he is convinced that money and success are neither a guarantee for love and happiness nor for health. In his lectures, he inspires and enthuses his audience with a wealth of ideas and his lived success story. He gives courage to make decisions in order to actively shape the future.


Corporate culture as a success factor - 
How you create added value with values

  • How to create a fear-free culture and unleash unlimited creativity
  • How to give employees trust and maintain responsible action
  • How to generate the energy for corporate growth with shared visions and goals
  • How your corporate values work from the inside out

The DNA for corporate success - 
From an electrical department to a world market leader

  • How to build a billion-dollar company without money
  • How to become a good boss
  • How responsibility becomes the greatest success factor
  • Freedom was the founding idea of Media Markt - What you can learn from it

Personality as a success factor -
How faith can move mountains

  • Thinking, cause and effect. How your expectations shape your destiny
  • The future is not an extension of the past
  • The sum of your personal decisions shapes the future
  • How empathy and creativity become the decisive force of the times to come          

Further topics:

Age of consciousness - What comes, what goes?

How to free yourself from subjective values

Digitalisation - How to keep the vision in view and not get lost in details

References & Press

  • 2000: Sale of his last shares in Media Markt and Saturn
  • Chairman of the Management Board of Bild T-Online AG
  • 2005-2008: Managing Director of Axel Springer E-Commerce GmbH
  • 2009: Founding of the consulting firm Walter Gunz Strategy Consultants

"He is a successful German entrepreneurial personality and at the same time an artist and free spirit. Walter Gunz is a (thoughtful) doer, a rational dreamer and a man who loves and lives freedom. It was not his success that made him independent, but his independence that made him successful." Guido Westerwelle



Das Geschenk.

ISBN : 3952444146

9.70 €


Ich war doch nicht blöd: Der Gründer von Media Markt gibt Einblicke in eine etwas andere Erfolgsgeschichte. Eine spirituelle Reise durch Politik, Ökologie, Philosophie Glauben und Religion

ISBN : 3942831902

19.90 €


Das Geschenk.

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3952444146

0.00 €


Ich war doch nicht blöd.

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3942831901

0.00 €

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  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Business talk

  • Interview

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