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Walter Kohl

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Walter Kohl
Entrepreneur Walter Kohl
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Walter Kohl, entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author and coach, studied history and economics at Harvard and Vienna and business administration at INSEAD. After working in investment banking in New York, he spent more than ten years as a manager in large German companies. From 2005 to 2018, Walter Kohl managed a German-Korean automotive supplier together with his wife. His customers include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international automotive manufacturers. With his motto "Lead, Act, Live More Confidently," he supports people in shaping their lives more confidently, both professionally and privately, and helps companies maximize their success. As an inspirer and "courage maker", he inspires people in his lectures, seminars and coaching sessions with profound, practical and authentic knowledge. In 2011 he published the bestseller "Live or Be Lived" and in 2014 wrote the book "What Really Carries Us" with Father Anselm Grün.


"Lead, act, live more confidently - sources of strength for decision-makers"

  • How to recognize and strengthen your sources of power.
  • How to transform existing blockages into new sources of power.
  • How you build strong companies through responsibility-driven leadership.
  • The result: more success thanks to confident decisions, both professionally and privately.

"Change management: mastering upheavals - shaping the future"

  • Accepting realities, questioning business models.
  • Upheaval: Burden, wake-up call, opportunity - A little bit of everything?
  • From practice for practice - Developing dynamic business models.

"POWERFUL communication - Turning employees into fellow MAKERS"

  • What makes power a power or a powerlessness?
  • Power junkie or sovereign authority - you decide.
  • Corporate culture - your real return factor, not a fair-weather topic.
  • How communication becomes POWERFUL and thus effective.

Walter Kohl speaks on other topics such as:

  • Achieving goals and mastering challenges.
  • Become courageous and stay that way.
  • Courage to change - How to best master change.
  • Be fit for the future with mental strength and resilience.
  • Anyone can fall down! So you also manage to get up again, but in the long term with perseverance and passion.

References & Press

"The lecture 'Power Source for Decision Makers' showed the audience ways and possibilities to process experiences and to use the gained energy meaningfully. We are pleased to have experienced an authentic speaker with a powerful lecture in Mr. Kohl. During the lecture, Mr. Kohl was able to actively involve the group of participants in the discussions by asking controversial questions. The theses drawn from his life stimulated reflection and ensured ongoing discussions in the circle of participants even after the event. This made a lasting contribution to the networking of various managers from different areas. We thank Mr. Kohl and are happy to recommend him to others." Siegfried Bülow, Chairman of the Board of Management, Porsche Leipzig GmbH


"I would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank you once again for your presentation during our customer event. Your advice on problem-solving strategies and sources of strength also led to many more constructive discussions on a completely different level that evening."
Ulrich Voigt, Member of the Board, Sparkasse Köln/Bonn


"Your presentation was very, very well received. I have received only positive feedback throughout. I am pleased about that and hope you are too. Our board of directors sends you their warmest regards. He asked whether you could imagine coming to Laupheim again for a lecture at a later date." 
Hans Fleischhut, Chairman of the Board, Volksbank Laupheim


"Very interesting. Many impulses. Admirable where Mr. Kohl stands today against the background of this so difficult life course. We can well imagine booking Mr. Kohl again."
Participant feedback, presentation of the Concrete Promotion Award, CEMEX AG, Düsseldorf



Leben oder gelebt werden: Schritte auf dem Weg zur Versöhnung

ISBN : 3778792040

12.20 €


Was uns wirklich trägt: Über gelingendes Leben (HERDER spektrum)

ISBN : 3451031221

12.00 €




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