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Wolfgang Grupp
Entrepreneur Wolfgang Grupp
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When you talk about motivation and enthusiasm, there are few to point to. The full-blooded entrepreneur Wolfgang Grupp is such a prime example with his company Trigema. Against the general trend, such as relocating production sites abroad, switching to mass production or opening up new markets with the help of the banks, the southern German entrepreneur waves it off and relies on solid growth at home. Wolfgang Grupp and his company are not dependent on "cheap" foreign countries, neither for his production facilities nor for the sale of textiles. Securing jobs is one of the most important tasks for him. The entrepreneur is convinced that his employees are motivated to perform and will stick with him if he keeps his promises.


Germany - a location with a future

  • In his inspiring lecture, the textile entrepreneur talks about how small and medium-sized businesses can be successful, especially in Germany, if they act responsibly. For more than 50 years, there has been neither short-time work nor layoffs due to lack of work. All this distinguishes the company as a stable economic factor in the region. Wolfgang Grupp can afford localisation instead of globalisation. He shows how, instead of recruiting qualified specialists, you can build on the further training of your workforce and hold your own in a difficult market environment.

Business needs decency

  • Wolfgang Grupp stands for a generation of entrepreneurs with responsibility and a sense of duty. The entrepreneur counts his employees as part of his company family and has made unique promises in this regard: Job guarantee for the children of his employees - where else can you find that? A living corporate culture at all levels that stands for top-quality products. You can't measure companies by top managers alone - the company is made up of employees, each of whom has to perform. A single grain of sand can bring the gearbox to a standstill and damage the company.

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"Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp received the Baden-Baden Business Award in 2011. He said that the owner of the textile company in Burladingen, as an industry leader, and because of the exclusive production in Germany, fulfilled the criteria for the 'Mittelständler-Preis' in an optimal way." Pforzheimer Zeitung

"Wolfgang Grupp and Trigema - a corporate philosophy based on traditional values." Mittelbayerische Zeitung


  • 1998 Staufer Medal in Gold
  • 2002 Ring of Honour, City of Burladingen
  • 2004 Cross of Merit on ribbon
  • 2005 Cicero Speaker Award
  • 2011 Business Award
  • 2012 Great Staufer Medal in Gold
  • 2012 Honorary Citizen, City of Burladingen
  • 2014 Innovator Award in New York
  • 2019 Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class

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