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Wolfgang Walter Wulle

Neuro-Leadership - Leading with Heart, Brain and Humor



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Wolfgang Walter Wulle
Speaker Wolfgang Walter Wulle
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Wolfgang Walter Wulle is a keynote speaker, coach and consultant in top management. As a neuro-inspirator, he has accompanied over 300 companies and leaders on their way to a more successful future in the last ten years. His studies in cognitive neuroscience and his trainings in coaching, strategy development, communication and mediation let him solve challenges with brain, heart and humor. 40 years of experience as a successful lifestyle entrepreneur have shown him what really works for businesses and leaders on a day-to-day basis. Everything he does, he does with passion, depth and heart. In his keynotes, Wolfgang Walter Wulle inspires his participants with a firework of impulses, with a clarity that amazes and motivates to action.


Neuro-Leadership - Leading with Heart, Brain and Humor

What effect your inner attitude has on your communication and how you develop it

  • How you can use a system to inspire employees, increase your company's success and defy the shortage of skilled workers. 
  • How to tap the full potential with brain-friendly behaviors and achieve measurably more success

Conflicts as a success factor - 
From a yes-man culture to an appreciative dispute culture

  • How to achieve an appreciative dispute culture with the 10 commandments of clear communication
  • How to crack recurring challenges in conflicts and release positive energies
  • How to identify and overcome the true drivers of conflict and create a fertile environment for growth

Lust for performance is no accident - how to develop high-performance teams in a hybrid world

  • How to develop a success mindset in your team, release motivating emotions and create a flow state
  • How to consciously produce fuels in the brain that enable top performance in yourself and others
  • How you can use neuro-hacks to call up top performance from yourself and your team

More topics:

Growth engine successful relationships - 
wanting to understand without having to agree

The power of emotions - inspiring, motivating, activating

References & Press

"There are many speakers, coaches and trainers who are recommended to you, not all of them deliver what they promise. Wolfgang Walter Wulle, however, exceeded our expectations in all respects."
Sabine Bellefeuille-Burri, BURRI public elements AG

"The work of Wolfgang Walter Wulle can be described in one word: brilliant. I have been able to experience him both in his work as a coach and as a keynote speaker, and in both areas I consider him to be one of the best working in the German-speaking market right now."
Prof. Dr. Christian Klein, Lehrstuhl für Sustainable Finance, Universität Kassel

"As a psychologically excellent speaker, he touches his listeners' hearts and gives them valuable impulses for their everyday lives."
Dr. Matthias Kreysel, Migros-Industry

"For me, Wolfgang is the expert in resolving conflicts. Especially when things 'really grate' in teams or between people, he delivers unusual approaches that are quickly and permanently effective." André Schneider, Managing Director, Customer Acquisition Lab

"Anyone who can provide such a heavy subject with as much lightness, wit and intelligent approaches as Mr. Wulle is a consummate professional. Wolfgang Wulle impressed me incredibly. A great lecture that I am very happy to recommend to others." Ingo Stefan



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Die Energie der Liebe

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