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Yannick Zionel is a keynote speaker, philanthropist and entrepreneur and one of the best strategic results coaches in the DACH region. He holds a Master's degree in Education, Speech Communication and Sports Science. In recent years, thousands of people have enjoyed Yannick's high-energy, creative and transformative power at international business and personal development events. Yannick Zionel guides his clients through processes of creative goal achievement and emotional empowerment. He has worked with politicians, entertainers, athletes and major celebrities from around the world. People who work with Yannick Zionel admire his positive and powerful nature. He is described as a very grounded personality who sees the best in his clients and makes this visible to them. Yannick Zionel is emotionally inspiring from the very first second and manages to connect with the participants with the rhythm of success. In this way, he releases positive energy as a growth booster and anchors your message emotionally and sustainably.


The Major Key of Success -

What you can learn from the most successful people in the world

  • How to develop a winning mentality and achieve your goals
  • How to consciously build a network that gets you where you want to go
  • What you can learn for your success from the success principles of top entrepreneurs & salespeople, top athletes and megastars
  • How to overcome defeat and use it to drive your growth
  • How to take immediate action with the right strategy and stay one step ahead of your competitors

Power of leadership - 5 levels of strong leadership

  • How to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and strengthen your strengths
  • How to build a foundation of trust and win people over
  • How to use the 3 tools of value-oriented leadership to take employees along with you and lead them to success
  • How to fail successfully! How to create new solutions and grow personally and entrepreneurially by dealing with mistakes correctly

Be Powerful - The power of emotion

  • How to love what you do and develop a success mindset
  • How to learn to perceive and understand your emotions
  • How to use your emotions as a powerhouse for your success
  • How to access your emotions at the right time and release unimagined energy
  • How to create and control your emotions and those of others and create a fertile environment for performance


TeamPower - The rhythm of success

  • How to emotionalize and sustainably anchor your messages

References & Press

"I heard Yannick give his speech at the Conference Arena in Zurich and it simply blew me away. It was such a top and moving presentation, and the song Happy Day was full of emotion." Christine Della Chiara

"Thank you, Yannick, for this great evening, thank you for allowing us to be there and experience it. Simply great." Nubya, singer

"I have been able to follow and accompany Yannick on various projects and I am absolutely thrilled with the ease with which he carries everything out. Yannick is authentic, down-to-earth and inspires with his manner and his performance. Sometimes I think Yannick can do anything." Dr. Erman Küçük

"I was delighted to see Yannick on stage and he gave such a great talk, triggering so many emotions - keep it up, Yannick. Congratulations on the Speaker Award 2021 and I wish you every success with lots of emotions."
Sven Epiney TV presenter (SRF1)

"I was at his charity gala for children in Cameroon, and in addition to everything Yannick does, I think it's great that he helps children in Africa and thus gives other people a chance. GIVE A CHANCE is a great title for a campaign like this, and I'm very happy to be involved."
Lukas Engelberger, Basel City Councillor



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