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Dr. Yasemin Yazan

Pioneering spirit with brains - you tell change where to go!



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Dr. Yasemin Yazan
Entrepreneur Dr. Yasemin Yazan
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  • Buchtrailer: Professionalität im Coaching

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Dr. phil. Yasemin Yazan holds a doctorate in adult education with practical know-how based on neuroscience. She is a passionate entrepreneur and investor as well as a keynote speaker and scientist with more than 3,000 days of experience in change management, digitalization and marketing. The multi-award-winning expert is a publisher and multiple bestselling author and has appeared internationally in various media such as TV and radio shows. She has interviewed actor, film director and producer Mel Gibson and has stood on the same stage as Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Dr. Phil, George H. Ross, JT Foxx and Tony Robbins, with more than 10,000 participants. She has been accompanying (inter)national companies on their path to brain-friendly transformation for 15 years. In her presentations, she inspires CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers and specialists alike. She combines visible short-term success with sustainable, tangible corporate development in order to prepare them for the new digital and social changes and take them to the next level. It encourages a pioneering spirit and the courage to break new ground.


Marketing strategies: Understanding correlations - developing strategies - conquering new markets

  • How your marketing affects the (failure) success of your company
  • Which pillars are important for a solid foundation of your marketing
  • How to become a market shaper with the "right" marketing mix and suitable tools


Digital marketing: successfully acquiring and retaining customers

  • What really matters in digital marketing and how to align your activities accordingly
  • What you can learn from leading companies and use successfully in your business
  • How to magnetically attract and retain customers with the right tools


Customer journey: user-centered corporate strategy for successful brand building

  • How to find out what your customers really want 
  • How to turn potential customers' journey into an experience with the right touchpoints
  • How to optimally harmonize content, processes and advertising materials, automate your marketing and anchor your brand in your customers' memories for the long term


Further topics:

Future marketing - The path to market leadership


Referral marketing - Understanding and applying the supreme discipline


Silicon Valley Mindset - Success through pioneering spirit & innovation

References & Press

Lufthansa, DB HR Solutions, Wall Street Institute, Evonik, ODDO BHF Bank, Süwag (E.ON), Volkswagen, Placetel (Cisco), SKY



  • German CEO Excellence Awards 2023 in the category: Best Education Administration Program Leader
  • Business Award Berlin 2022 in the category: Design, know-how and customer loyalty
  • The 500 most important minds in the world of success 2021/22
  • Top Coach Germany 2021
  • Top 100 Entrepreneur Excellence 2020/21/22/23
  • Top Crisis Coach 2020
  • Top 11 Coaches D|A|CH 2019
  • Top 100 Trainers Excellence 2019
  • Top 10 People 2019
  • Top 10 Coach Business Proved 2019
  • Top Expert D|A|CH 2018/19/20/21/22/23
  • Multiple bestselling author 2018/19/20/21/22/23
  • Excellence Award 2018/20


"During our collaboration on the network business optimization project to implement a workforce management system, especially in the design of the change process to achieve sustainable change, I experienced Yasemin Yazan's absolute feel for people: in an impressive way, she captures the essential interests and issues as well as the fears and concerns of key people." Wolfgang Geis, Head of Asset Management, Syna GmbH


"A woman who delivers what she promises!" The BOSStalk


"Yasemin Yazan, Speaker & Expert for Transformation is an International Keynote Speaker & World's #1 Authority for Change Management & Digital Transformation. She combines short-term visible success with sustainable cultural development to show CEOs, entrepreneurs and companies how to dominate their market." Business Booster Today



ERFOLG REICH: Tools & Techniken mit Strategie - sicher ins Ziel als Unternehmer & Unternehmen

ISBN : 3948026009

19.90 €


Professionalität im Coaching: Eine qualitativ-empirische Untersuchung über die beruflichen Selbstbeschreibungen etablierter Coaching-Experten

ISBN : 3347316436

149.90 €


Dein ultimativer Guide zum Bestseller Autor

ISBN : 9783948026066

24.90 €


Durchbruch durch Veränderung

ISBN : 9783948026011

19.90 €


Die häufigsten Irrtümer über das Schreiben, Publizieren & Vermarkten von Büchern

ISBN : 978-3948026097

19.90 €


COOKBOOK: Impression Management für Bestseller Autoren

ISBN : 9783948026110

24.90 €


Breakthrough by Change: With a prologue by Hermann Scherer

ISBN : 9783948026042

19.90 €


Pioniergeist: Das 5-Minuten Durchbruch-Journal für Bestseller Autoren

ISBN : 9783948026103

24.90 €


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