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Yvonne de Bark

Express yourself the way you want to - use body language in a targeted way, be effective when it counts



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


Yvonne de Bark
Trainer Yvonne de Bark
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Yvonne de Bark has worked for 30 years as an actress in international cinema films and numerous television series (Motorradcops, Alarm für Cobra 11, Der Alte, Küstenwache, Unter Uns, Rosenheimcops, Fall für Zwei etc.). She is an expert in body language for both digital and analog appearances and a lecturer in non-verbal communication. Since 2013, she has been giving lectures and seminars on the most universal and effective language in the world: body language. Her seminar participants include DAX board members, lawyers, entrepreneurs from all industries and politicians. Her passion and core competence lie where impact begins in interpersonal communication. She has written eleven books and is regularly invited by TV stations to analyze politicians. Her philosophy is to work out the personal core with all its strengths and to provide the tools to make a targeted impact. Her motto: Don't train your smile, train your heart.



Present online like a pro - make an impact, convince, win


  • How to inspire your audience in front of the webcam
  • How to find a quick way into the minds of your participants
  • How to transform your analog presentation into an effective digital presentation 
  • How to use body language, light and sound to instantly build trust and reach people

Presence and media training -
How to appear relaxed and confident


  • How to learn to love the camera and how the camera loves you
  • How to create instant charisma with a mix of expressive facial expressions and gestures and captivate people
  • What mistakes you should definitely avoid in front of the camera 
  • How to get in the right mood at the right moment and showcase your "best side" on demand

How to present effectively with partial cluelessness


  • How to recognize your effect on others and adapt it to the situation
  • How to use non-verbal rhetorical devices in a targeted manner and present yourself convincingly
  • How to channel stage fright and use it as energy
  • How to deal with challenging participants in a quick-witted manner and master every situation with confidence

Body language - understanding people better and winning them over


  • How to read and interpret the body language of others and respond appropriately to the situation
  • How to radiate confidence in conversations and presentations and appear confident
  • How to achieve your conversation goals with a system and the right tools


References & Press

"Customer visits, employee discussions or meetings: Yvonne de Bark knows how to make a confident impression when it counts."      

Deutsches Handwerksblatt


"In her workshop on non-verbal communication at our conference, Yvonne de Bark conveyed in an entertaining and well-founded way that the best words do not mean that everything has been said. Through selected exercises and illustrative examples, she opened our eyes to the subliminal messages we send and how they reach the recipient. I'd love to hear more from her."

Karen Thiel and Simon Kenneth, UCB Pharma


"We female doctors wanted to know something about body language. But what we got was more: detailed knowledge, ingenious and eye-opening practical exercises, a trained eye for meaningful little things and the speaker's concentrated load of infectious cheerfulness. She gave us participants the right tools to interpret body language according to the situation and - in the second part - to optimize our own impact. She was supportive and encouraging in every minute of our self-discovery of new forms of body language expression. It was outstanding how focused she was on each participant individually and how she found the right words. She managed to lure us out of our comfort zone in a charming and humorous way. Why does Yvonne de Bark train body language? Because she CAN do it."

Dr. Martina Waltz, Chairwoman, German Medical Association Cologne-Bonn Region


"Yvonne de Bark supported me as campaign manager in the mayoral election campaign in the district town of Bergheim and made a decisive contribution to my election as mayor on 25.06.2017. The public image as a candidate for public office is of particular importance. Ms. de Bark provided a wide range of competent support and had a decisive positive influence on the impact of my appearance. With her positive manner, Ms. de Bark kept the entire campaign team and me at a high level of motivation at all times. Even before the election campaign, I completed three seminar modules on body language and its impact with Ms. de Bark in 2016. Based on an analysis of myself and others, she taught me how body language works and how I can interpret and use the body language of others. She attached great importance to not only being able to impress through non-verbal communication, but also to appear confident, self-assured and targeted. This helps me today in many different conversation and negotiation situations."

Mr. Volker Mießeler, Mayor of the district town of Bergheim


"Anyone attending a body language seminar with Yvonne de Bark will learn about the conscious and unconscious signals of our body through sophisticated practical exercises. As a trained and successful actress, she knows the subject in all its facets. As a charming and humorous personality, she conveys the topic with great passion. She gives everyone the feeling of being just the way they are and inspires the will to step out of the comfort zone as much as necessary to feel good and as much as possible to take a big step forward. She left us with a euphoric group that received a huge motivational boost after an exhausting seminar marathon lasting several days. Unconscious communication behavior becomes tangible and conscious."

Mr. Stefan Wagner, Management Consultant


"I was completely blown away after my first "Yvonne de Bark" seminar. About you as a trainer, the content and especially the way you conveyed the content. - I was really looking forward to the second seminar. And I was not disappointed!

It was, without a lie, the best seminar I have ever been to. Normally, there is only a small part of a seminar that you can take away for yourself. Your seminar has completely influenced and optimized my appearance. Thank you so much for allowing me to gain this experience and for giving me a 'better appearance' thanks to you!"

Riccardo Bonarrigo, Würth



Wirke, wie du willst: Wie du deine Körpersprache gezielt einsetzt. Sicheres Auftreten, wenn es darauf ankommt

ISBN : 3842642067

19.99 €


Körpersprache einfach nutzen: Eine Schauspielerin verrät die besten Tricks für Alltag, Flirt und Job (humboldt - Psychologie & Lebensgestaltung)

ISBN : 9783869104874

25.00 €


111 Gründe, einen Mord zu begehen: Ein Loblied auf die konsequenteste Art der Konfliktlösung

ISBN : 3862654028

6.99 €


Das Mama-Trost-Buch (NA): Überleben mit kleinen Monstern

ISBN : 3800075806

17.10 €


Mamas wissen mehr: Das schräge Fachwissen der Mütter

ISBN : 3800074559

12.00 €


Pimp Your Kid: Frage nicht, was du für dein Kind tun kannst. Frage, was dein Kind für dich tun kann!

ISBN : 3862652084

0.00 €


1001 Date: Roman (amora)

ISBN : 9783960790174

10.00 €


Spielen macht schlau: Spaß ohne Computer & Co.

ISBN : 3800075040

1.82 €



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