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Roger L. Basler de Roca describes himself as a digital native with a penchant for languages and foreign countries. After spending 12 years abroad, he started setting up his own companies five years ago, in the area of private equity. A high level of digital competence, a fast, networked style of thinking and optimal transferability into actual practice are the hallmarks of the workshops, consultancy services and presentations he offers. He provides customers with support across a range of industries by helping them to understand today’s markets and mechanisms and those of the future, and giving them guidance in using them to achieve corporate success. His specialist areas include the setting up of digital business models and growth models in digital marketing. Roger L. Basler de Roca lectures at various institutes and has published countless reference books and articles in both German and English on the above-mentioned themes.


Understanding and developing business models
  • What are the differences between traditional and digital business models?
  • How are digital platforms set up?
  • How to make your company fit for the digital future.
  • What management skills and abilities are required ... for today’s nmarkets and for those of the future?
Digital and social selling
  • Selling via social media? Whether it's LinkedIn or Instagram – anything is possible.
  • Understanding how networks need to be nurtured nowadays and what role good content has to play.
  • Getting leads, sales and collaborations on autopilot.
Social commerce – the top tier of online sales
  • Selling wherever the customer happens to be
  • Selling without selling! Getting an understanding of the mechanisms involved using the example of corporate influencers.
  • Strategies and tips from actual practice with the 5:3:2 – what works and what doesn't.


"Thank you for a very informative morning, Roger! It was very educational and interesting listening to you. Competent, likeable, courteous and always approachable. I would be happy to attend another one of your courses. It was really enjoyable." Sasa N., InnoPark Suisse SA

"It was one of the best training courses I have ever attended. Efficient, informative and to the point."
Guido T.

"Roger used the short space of time available effectively and efficiently – I took away a lot from the Insta course and we will be implementing a number of the additional tips that he passed on to us and which came spontaneously from the group. Thanks again!"
Benjamin U., Swaytronic (Switzerland) AG

"Super content, real eye-openers and outstanding tips on implementation! The workshop was really well structured and had megacontent. Now it's time to put it into practice." Marc T. – Tom's Original

"Likeable, focused on actual practice, competent!" Christoph H., Hofmann Gartenbau AG



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