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Dr Steffi Burkhart speaks and performs research on the future of work from the perspective of her generation, Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 1995). She is a welcome guest speaker at podium discussions, in expert circles of the German economy as well as on the radio and television. As Germany's best-known Generation Y expert, she knows the pain points of the German economy: in its digital transformation, the country lacks talented junior staff, digital skills and the necessary Y mindset. This is the starting position of Steffi's talks and she delivers important content and ideas as to how companies can fill their talent pool, create services and products that inspire customers and successfully change to being an agile company. She is a supervisory board member of a Swiss company, discusses HR topics in an international think tank as a board member and acts as a 'human capital evangelist' for a German consultancy. Furthermore, she has set herself the goal of campaigning for women and careers as well as women in leadership positions


The younger generation is crazy!
  • Get to know the mindset and world outlook of today's over-35-year-olds (Generations Y & Z = Millennials)
  • What does that mean for the recruitment and retention of your junior staff?
  • Why it's important to focus on 100% of the talent pool in the 'War for Talent' and not just on the male half of it.
  • Why acting out of the mode of experience is no longer enough today
People want to be led, not just managed
  • Why executives often confuse the leadership of people with technical management (leadership vs management)
  • A boss who doesn't reply yes to the question "Do you really like people?" is in the wrong job
  • Young people are calling for leaders who motivate, recognise and develop potential – I explain how
Change agents – counteracting the VUCA world
  • Using the power of the dual operating system of John Kotter (HBS), break down hierarchies and successfully change your company
  • Using the potential of young people as a key driver for cultural change towards agile organizations
  • Using new communication architecture to significantly increase the learning, innovation and agility of your company.
  • Digitisation is not merely a question of technology, but demands new ways of thinking and acting
  • Why you need new talents (digital experts & create-ups) and how you can find them. 


Bosch, Daimler, Globus, Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, Monster, Fraport, E/D/E, Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse, MMM Kongress, Markant Gruppe, Peter Lorange Institute, German Graduate School, INQA, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Deutsche Bahn, Hochbahn, Witzig Company, L'Oréal, Ogilvy, EUROPA-PARK, Military Academy of the German Armed Forces, Drees & Sommer, Association of Pharmacists, Association of Dentists, Roofing Federation, Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection and many more.  "Steffi Burkhart is passionate about her subject matter and knows how to sum up the relevant ideas of her generation in clear and simple sentences. For us, she was an enrichment and a highlight of our science award ceremony. " Head of the Marketing Research Department, EHI Retail Institute  "With her open nature and to-the-point remarks, Ms Burkhart has opened the eyes of all our colleagues to the future." Management, Drees & Sommer


People, books and events that inspire me "Anyone who walks mindfully through life can be inspired by many things. In terms of people or books, they are Michelle Obama, Gunter Dueck, great speeches on TED Talks, successful founders, young and old people, my boyfriend, successful athletes, travelling, movies or books such as What Works: Gender Equality by Design by Iris Bohnet, The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, authors such as Peter Drucker or Dan Ariely." 



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