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Klaus-Jürgen “Knacki” Deuser, the former elite athlete and qualified business administration specialist, is a trailblazer on the German comedy scene. His NightWash format, which saw him win the German Comedy Award, served as the springboard for an entire generation of German comedians. Klaus-Jürgen “Knacki” Deuser is undoubtedly one of Germany’s great hosts and entertainers. Using his sharp wit, he gives examples of why life is often odd, but how what we make of it is always up to us. In all honesty, anyone can “be frustrated”. “Feeling good” is usually hard work, but it’s the only way to change something. And even if you know all of that, his shows are still always an emotional highlight.


“Wer nie abbiegt, bleibt auf der Strecke” (“Those who don’t turn off fall by the wayside“) (Infotainment) “Humor ist kein genetischer Defekt” (“Humour is not a genetic defect“ (Best of Show) “Nicht jammern – klatschen!” (“Don’t moan – clap!”) (Hosting)


“Those who don’t turn off fall by the wayside. Mr Deuser was able to convey the spirit of the times to his audience in his own inspiring way, taking them along on the journey and thrilling them. He tied the subject of his presentation in with his artistic skills – and this visual element was a highlight for us.” Galeria Kaufhof “Dear Mr Deuser, thank you so much for the great hosting. The audience were enthused. You familiarised yourself with our topic wonderfully and entertained us all fantastically with great wit and charm – not to mention the amazing acrobatics!” Continental Tires Germany “Few people in this country are able to strike the balance between comedy and (political) cabaret as confidently and with as much ease as Klaus-Jürgen Deuser.” Generalanzeiger Bonn “Serious humour, just great! So true – people always need food for thought like this.” Iqnite Conference



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