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Oliver Schneider is the founder and managing partner of RiskWorkers GmbH in Munich. He started his professional career as an officer in the German Armed Forces and served, among other things, as a paratrooper before joining the Special Forces Command (KSK), where he was involved in several special operations abroad before resigning from his position a professional officer. He then began his civilian career in the Corporate Security department of a company belonging to the DAX group. He has been working as a security, risk and crisis management consultant since 2006. He also holds an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from the University of Leicester (UK). He gained international experience as a risk consultant in, among other places, Afghanistan, Algeria, Brazil, Colombia, Iraq, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia (Caucasus) and Yemen. For many years, he has also worked as a "Kidnap Response Consultant" for German and international insurance companies.


The KSK principle – what you can learn from the special forces in extreme situations

  • Hell Week” – ways to maximum performance on demand
  • How to form and lead powerful teams
  • How to transform stress into resilience – dealing with pressure in extreme situations
  • How to lead courageously, transfer trust and achieve extraordinary results

The kidnap principle – what you can learn from negotiations with kidnappers

  • How to identify, analyse and read your interlocutor in negotiation situations
  • How to align and develop your communication and negotiation strategy accordingly with your interlocutor
  • How to deal with threats and intimidation in negotiation situations, give your interlocutor a sign of understanding and yet achieve your goals

Corporate security management – how to position your company for expansion in risk regions

  • Security concepts for companies and organisations in the focus of the current security situation
  • How to sensitise and train your staff for international assignments
  • Prevention and reaction in crisis situations
  • How to hedge your financial risk and prevent damage to your business 

Further topics:

Crisis management – acting and reacting in extreme situations


Year of foundation: 2013
Sector: Risk and crisis management consultancy
USP: Expert for digital and analogue risk management

His clients include well-known small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as international corporations and organisations. In addition, he is a partner of national and international insurance companies working in the field of ransom and foreign health insurance.


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