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Klaus Stöckert, entrepreneur, bestselling author and top speaker, is an expert in digitalisation and change management. He gained his wealth of experience as a top manager during his time as the CEO of an international IT market leader. His focus was on transforming business models from a technology provider to a software and service company as well as reorienting corporate culture. With his many years' experience, he knows his clients' challenges better than anyone else. Enthusiasm and emotions are guaranteed in Klaus Stöckert's talks, completely in line with his motto "human " motivating " rousing". For Klaus Stöckert, people are the number one success and innovation factor. He demonstrates in a practical way that digitalisation begins in the mind " not on the Internet " and how to turn employees into co-creators of change.


Leadership in the digital age

  • How to create a corporate culture that inspires your staff and attracts new talent
  • How to motivate and win over your employees for joint success across hierarchies, cultures and generations
  • How to align your organisational and project structure more effectively with customer interests and measurably increase your company's success

Sales in the digital age (turning customers into fans)

  • How to recognize what customers really want before your customers know themselves
  • How to respond to dynamic customer needs and become your customers' partner
  • How to make your employees able to cope with the new challenges of the market and the new needs of your customers
  • How you can develop into a customer-centric company, turn customers into fans and sustainably increase your sales.

Change management in times of constant change

  • How to inform and motivate your staff and thereby create transparency and acceptance
  • How to communicate the reasons for the change, how to concretise the goal and how to find the way to achieve it
  • How to mobilise and activate your staff and turn them into contributors to change


"Mr. Stöckert delivered exactly the right stimulating messages for our employee workshop on these topics with the two focal points of change processes and digitalisation. Inspired by Mr Stöckert, employees were noticeably motivated and held passionate discussions and thus contributed to a successful result.” Mario Lauber, Division Manager, Üstra Hannover


“TOP EXPERT” for Digitization and Change Management – included in the TOP Expert Circle D/A/CH of ERFOLG Magazin


“Klaus Stöckert is a real authority on digitalisation and social media advertising. As a conference speaker, he encourages 'doing'. He’s my top recommendation for management seminars and the like.” Lukas Kalo, Managing Director, Christian Troyer – Die Baufinanzierer Vermittlungs GmbH


“Mr Stöckert supported us in the successful development and implementation of our Executive Partner Programme. On account of his constant reflection from practice, we were able to establish a highly efficient model at short notice.” Carsten Hochschon, CEO, knooing


"Innovative ideas and concepts combined with a high degree of industry experience – that's how to make collaboration fun! We’d enjoy more of that.” Andreas Stamm, ecotel


“Based on my past collaboration with Klaus Stöckert, I can especially emphasise his very high willingness to perform and his customer orientation. When Klaus sets himself a goal, he puts all his energy into it, always focusing on generating the desired customer benefit at the end of the day.” Stefan Nüesch, Vice President, Atos Schweiz



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