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Andreas Buhr, CSP

Die Qualität meines Denkens, meiner Fragen, bestimmt die Qualität meines Lebens



Management, Leadership & Change


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Andreas Buhr, CSP
Entrepreneur Andreas Buhr, CSP
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When it comes to "More success in business", there is no way around Andreas Buhr. The multi-award-winning, international top speaker and trainer is a recognized expert in his field. After selling his first company in 2005, he founded the Buhr & Team Academy. In 2018, his Buhr & Team Academy received the Human Excellence Award. The Trainer of the Year, who has received numerous awards, was President of the German Speakers Association (GSA) from 2013 to 2015 and was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2018. Andreas Buhr is also a member of the American National Speakers Association (NSA), from which he was the first European to be awarded the rare speaker title "Certified Speaking Professional" (CSP) in 2010. For over 40 years, he has been inspiring audiences at major training forums and conferences with his theories on how to be more successful in business and his proven expertise in leadership and sales. Andreas Buhr has stood for the practical connection between online and offline like no other for over ten years. "The world has become hybrid!" - Andreas Buhr inspires with his forward-looking strategies and tangible practical tips.



Business is different today.

  • The magic of change - opportunities and risks
  • The mindset of a professional - motivation and goals!
  • Business in a hybrid world - online and offline
  • Tips for more business success - today and tomorrow
  • Doing instead of complaining - thinking and acting


Leadership is different today.

  • Leading effectively: Leading by example and providing orientation
  • The magic of change: Recognizing change as an opportunity
  • Generation XYZ: Changing values today
  • Digitalization: The right tools for effective leadership
  • Doing instead of complaining: More success in business


Clean Leader MasterCLASS

For his Clean Leader MasterCLASS, Andreas Buhr has brought top experts into his team to help you achieve more success in business. In his exclusive leadership training course, you will benefit from the best content, tools and techniques from more than 10,000 days of training in Germany's top companies. Unleash the full potential of your team for better results, expand your sales channels and strategy to open up more sales potential and learn how to convince people of your message as a true leader in any situation. Whether you are an entrepreneur, managing director or sales manager: in Andreas Buhr's MasterCLASS you will become the designer of your (company's) success.


References & Press

The clients of Buhr & Team Akademie für Führung und Vertrieb AG include companies ranging from upmarket SMEs to global corporations, such as:

Allianz Deutschland AG, American Express Services Europe Ltd, Brenntag, Commerzbank AG, Deutsche Bahn Netz AG, DVAG, eBay international AG, ERGO Versicherung, KIND Hörgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, KPMG AG, LOVOO GmbH, Media-Saturn Deutschland GmbH, Microsoft Corporation, Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Santander Consumer Bank AG, SAP, Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen GmbH, TiGi Haircare GmbH, Tommy Hilfiger Group B. V., UBS Switzerland AG, Unilever Deutschland Holding GmbH, Würth

"Andreas Buhr shows what good leadership should look like for everyone." WirtschaftsWoche

"Andreas Buhr shows how the digital transformation continues to change our daily lives. People always buy. The only question is: who buys from whom and when?"                                                                           
Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz, Ruhr University Bochum

"Digitalization not only brings with it new products, services and business ideas, but also requires new corporate management and a different way of dealing with employees.
("Revolution? Yes, please!" GABAL) Harvard Business Manager





Business geht heute anders: Buhrs beste Business-Hacks für Unternehmer, Umdenker, Manager, Macher und Visionäre (mit E-Book inside) (Dein Business)

ISBN : 3967390306

39.90 €



ISBN : 978-3967391459


Machen statt meckern!

ISBN : 978-3981216196



‎„Mehr Erfolg im Business - Der Podcast mit Andreas Buhr“ auf Apple Podcasts

‎„Mehr Erfolg im Business - Der Podcast mit Andreas Buhr“ auf Apple Podcasts


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Finanzvertrieb geht heute anders
Wissen + Karriere, August 2013

Warum kauft mein Kunde nicht? – Wie die digitale Welt den Vertrieb verändert -> Zum Blogbeitrag

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