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Dr. Bernd Wildenmann
Entrepreneur Dr. Bernd Wildenmann
  • Business Impact Leadership in Zeiten der Veränderung mit Dr. Bernd Wildenmann - Speaker Slam 2023

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Dr. Bernd Wildenmann is the owner and managing director of the Wildenmann Group. He works in large-scale change processes to increase the performance of departments and entire companies as well as in the selection and professionalization of managers to increase leadership performance. The central starting point of his work is the linking of psychology and business management to directly increase the performance of companies. By linking the strengths and development areas of managers with acute problem areas, intensive improvements in the efficiency of organizations are achieved. In his projects, he links art and leadership in a symbolic combination to anchor new realities. Dr. Bernd Wildenmann has written a total of 7 books and many specialist articles and has also developed various tools in the field of personality, management potential and leadership analysis. At the same time as working as a advisor, he founded and managed two companies in the aviation industry for many years as an entrepreneur and trained commercial pilot.


Business Impact Leadership

  • How to sustainably solve revenue-critical problems through targeted behavioral change among managers
  • How to stabilize high-leverage priorities to achieve company-wide strategic goals

Lifelong personal development

  • How you can gain insights into your personal level of development through knowledge of the eight stages of human maturity
  • How you can continue to increase the maturity of your personality throughout your entire life

Change management on the scene

  • How to secure commitment through generative participation and psychological investment and turn your employees into " culprits "
  • How to use "neutral influencers" to ensure the unstoppable spread of the new and eradicate negative assumptions

Talent management - recognizing and developing the potential of managers

  • How you can recognize and predict the potential of your talents with the four decisive potential factors
  • How to use intelligent talent management to quickly lead your junior staff to impact

Creating high performance teams through strong roles

  • Which roles make a team successful? How to use the Belbin Model to create transparency about which essential roles in the team are strong or lacking
  • How to use diversity to accelerate your success

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21 Pfade für die erfolgreiche Führung von Menschen: Konsequent, essenziell, vertrauensvoll

ISBN : 3658084537

69.99 €


Die Persönlichkeit des Managers

ISBN : 3801709353

39.95 €


Professionell Führen

ISBN : 3472074760

0.00 €


Die Faszination des Ziels: Wie Sie die Performance Ihrer Mitarbeiter nachhaltig steigern

ISBN : 3472050446

0.00 €


Durch Coaching zu High Performance: Wie Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern wirklich die Höchstleistung ermöglichen

ISBN : 3472056339

0.00 €


Führungsnachwuchs auf dem Sprung: Wie Sie ihr Unternehmen nachhaltig zukunftsfähig machen. Ein Fallbericht über 18 Monate

ISBN : 347204408X

0.00 €


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