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Dr. Bernhard Saneke

NO PANIC, NO STRESS, NO PROBLEM - Oben bleiben mit System!



Management, Leadership & Change


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Dr. Bernhard Saneke
Speaker Dr. Bernhard Saneke
  • Dr. Bernhard Saneke - Warum Flugzeuge abstürzen und Unternehmen versagen

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Dr. Bernhard Saneke is both: founder, owner and leading physician of a dental care center as well as captain of the largest German airline. His practice was awarded the Entrepreneur Award for Dental Practice 2000. He holds European and American teaching licenses to train pilots. Bernhard Saneke was inducted into the select Club 55, the association of European marketing and sales specialists, in 2003. His presentation was awarded the Club 55's annual best presentation award. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Bernhard Saneke has understood how to give his best performance and still have enough time for exciting hobbies and private activities. Today, he shares his top-class knowledge of success from two worlds in seminars and at lectures. He knows how to pass on his wealth of experience with humor and ease, true to his motto NO PANIC, NO STRESS, NO PROBLEM.


Dr. Saneke combines the experience of an entrepreneur with the world of airline pilots: Anyone who has been practicing two demanding professions in parallel for more than 25 years must be excellently structured, make decisions confidently and be able to maintain an overview even in complex situations.

NO PANIC - Deciding with a system

  • How to avoid fatal decisions
  • How to use the random generator of decision correctly
  • How to identify the important factors for your decisions
  • Looking ahead - a decision is a decision!

NO STRESS - Time management with system

  • How to save time for the essentials
  • How to measurably increase your productivity with the right tools and structures
  • How to get everything done that is important
  • How to set the right priorities under pressure

NO PROBLEM - Staying on top with system

Why planes don't crash and how companies always stay on top

  • Eliminate communication barriers and maintain an overview
  • Harness the knowledge and skills of your employees
  • Making the best use of your company's resources
  • Motivating employees to perform at their best

Other topics:

2 Jobs - Why not?

References & Press

His clients include:
DATEV eG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Degussa AG, Otto Versand AG, Future Management Group AG, Hager Elektro AG, Verband Freier Berufe in Hessen, Oemus Media AG, Internat. Fortbildungs-Gesellschaft (IFG Timmendorfer Strand), Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank eG Düsseldorf, Dentsply Friadent GmbH, Alsecco GmbH, Zahnärztekammer Westfalen-Lippe, Zahnärztekammer Sachsen-Anhalt, Bundesverband der Dentalindustrie e. V., FRIADENT-Schütze GmbH Österreich, Forum Institut Heidelberg, Bundesverband des Elektrogroßhandels, Nord-West Dental GmbH Münster, Kaniedenta GmbH, Deutsches Zahnärztliches Rechenzentrum, Flemming Dental AG, Solutio GmbH, Cum Nobis GmbH, Intercoiffeur Deutschland, Ögussa GmbH Österreich u. v. m. 

Participant comments:
"Inspiring - not a minute boring - a spot landing - communication vividly told - everyone could relate: Bosses and employees."

"1,000 bosses clapped enthusiastically and readily embraced his insights, delivered with humor and insight into human nature."
Westfalen Blatt 

"You captivated and inspired our 800 customers at the Bamberg Concert and Congress Hall with your presentation 'Why Planes Crash and Companies Fail'!"
Sparkasse Bamberg



Best of 55: Die Olympiade der Verkaufsexperten

ISBN : 3897495554

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Dr. Bernhard Saneke: Best of 55, Powered by Hans-Uwe L. Köhler

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3897495555

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  • Infotainment

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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