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Christian Harting

Playfully easy selling!



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Christian Harting
Trainer Christian Harting
  • Du musst nicht alles glauben! | Die Geschichte mit den Fröschen

  • Fülle im Leben: Warum Geben dich wirklich glücklich macht // Christian Harting

  • Wie Kunden entscheiden - ein Muss für jeden Vertriebsprofi

  • Spielerisch leicht Verkaufen

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Christian Harting is THE EXPERT for playfully easy selling. He worked as a B2B Sales and Training Manager for an international electronics group for many years. Today, as a B2B Sales Success Coach, he combines technical expertise with sales psychology to make sales processes more effective with less effort. He shows how to recognize the real needs of customers and build justified trust. One thing is particularly important to him: getting people to train unusual but effective skills. A professional approach to oneself is helpful here - the basis for professional and personal success. The speaker holds a degree in engineering, a Master of Business Marketing and a Bachelor of Business Administration. He is the author of two books, offers exciting experiences (e.g. as a carnival speaker, performer in musicals or improv theater) and many moving encounters. He brings mind and heart together to bring people together and find ways to support each other. Look forward to a journey into the hidden world of the supposedly ordinary.


Playfully easy selling - B2B Sales Success Creator

  • How to discover unimagined potential with Emotional B2B Selling 
  • How to develop good selling into a successful, meaningful and fulfilling activity 
  • How to achieve sustainable success together as a team through top performance

Playfully easy to top performance

  • The magic of personality! Discover your true emotion, motivation & intuition
  • Learn how to align your inner attitude for a successful future
  • Let's become a star! Become the investor of your life! 

Playfully easy to get the job - The art of seduction

  • How brain research and neurobiology provide great sales support
  • How to discover the real buying needs of your customers 
  • How to stage an irresistible offer

References & Press

"Emotional B2B selling is not just a new method of selling. It is an approach that makes it much easier than expected to achieve good deals and/or business relationships that have long-term benefits for both parties. If you know how to use it consciously." Sales Excellence (Springer Verlag)


Excerpt from company references:


"Christian trained an empathetic view of our customers with us. In the beginning, the process was not easy for us because we moved outside our comfort zone. But that's exactly what increased our turnover and profit by a double-digit percentage." 
Bernhard Schimunek, Managing Director, SSI International


"We spent so much money on expensive training courses for so long, little of which was put into practice. This is something completely different. We will start with the first things immediately."
Dieter Moll, Technical Sales and Product Management, Association of German Engineers (VDI)


"With this personal e-mail, I would like to thank you very much - not only for the content. Rather, I would like to thank you for your personality, your openness and your motivation. Not the motivation that you try to awaken in US, but your very personal motivation, which every person who listens to you as a 'student' immediately recognizes. The content is important - but paired with the motivating and rousing qualities of the past decades, it is far more important and memorable." 
Erkan Isgoeren, Plant Sales, TECTRION GmbH



Spielerisch leicht Verkaufen: Emotional B2B Selling

ISBN : 3981895606

39.95 €


Business-to-Business Marketing im Facility Management: Ein Handbuch für Vertriebs- und Marketing-Manager

ISBN : 3540429034

54.99 €


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