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  • Unlearning Hierarchy – Wie wir Führung zukunftsfähig gestalten - Daniel Vonier - Speaker Slam 2023

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Daniel is a proven expert on the future of work, an independent "leadership designer" and (HR) organizational consultant, systemic coach and guest lecturer at various universities.

Through his exposed and global leadership roles at Siemens, Deutsche Telekom and SAP, among others, he brings in-depth experience and broad expertise in the areas of leadership & talent development, organizational development and cultural change from some of the most important DAX corporations.

His current project assignments in the environment of SMEs and tech start-ups & scale-ups further enrich his perspective and make him and his impulses connectable and highly relevant for a broad spectrum of decision makers and shapers in the company.

He is the author of several publications and last year released his new book "Unlearning Hierarchy - A Journey into Self-Organization". His mission is to make (collaborative) work, leadership & organizations more present- and future-ready through his work in the different roles - and for him that means: More Agile I More Effective I More Meaningful.


Unlearning Hierarchy - Expedition into self-organisation

  • How can we create freedom away from inflexible bureaucracy and rigid organisation without losing ourselves?
  • How can we find the right balance between hierarchy and self-organisation?
  • A journey along aha-experiences, breakthroughs and setbacks to distributed leadership, networked organisations and effective organisational processes.
  • Applicable and pragmatic transfer ideas for every work context.
  • Don't abolish hierarchies, but rethink and redesign them!


Future-Fit Leadership: Effective leadership in the spirit of the times

  • Understanding the spirit of the times: Social trends for future leadership.
  • Agile leadership: Key qualities for adaptability.
  • Empowerment and decentralisation in teams.
  • Human leadership: empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • Measuring success in a changing business environment.


Real work vs. new work: perspectives for the future of work beyond buzzwords

  • Evolution of the world of work: traditions vs. modern concepts.
  • Practical implementation of New Work in companies.
  • Employee needs and expectations in the modern world of work.
  • Technology and flexibility in the way we work.
  • Sustainability and purpose in the future of work.


Culture Change & Transformation: Agile and meaningful organisations for a dynamic world

  • Cultural change: Why is it more crucial than ever?
  • Agile culture: key components for adaptability and flexibility.
  • Leadership in change: How do leaders lead cultural change?
  • Transformation - a journey without a destination.
  • Practical tips and examples to make our organisations more flexible, adaptable and self-organised.

and much more.

References & Press

"Recommended for anyone who is committed to more innovative strength, more agility and self-organisation - and really wants to make a difference"

Tim Höttges - CEO Deutsche Telekom AG


"Confirmation and incentive at the same time. We will only make organisations more resilient, more courageous, more effective and therefore ultimately more successful organisations if we think of them as an agile community within which we maximise both the degree of autonomy of its members and the understanding of the common direction."

Fabian Kienbaum - Co-CEO Kienbaum Consultants International GmbH


"Hierarchy means order and has an important regulatory function in an organisation. If this order is abused and responsibility is passed on, then we cannot be successful. Unlearning Hierarchy shakes people up and inspires them to take responsibility - at every level."

Frauke von Polier - Head of Human Resources at Viessmann Climate Solutions SE


"Unlearning Hierarchy provides concrete help for all those who want to change something in organisations and rethink structures or have had enough of rigid hierarchies and power struggles."

Cawa Younosi - former Head Of People & Member of the Executive Board SAP Germany


"Daniel Vonier puts his finger in the wound. He doesn't come around the corner with new tools. On the contrary: he talks openly about the pain that transformations sometimes bring. A company has to go through this if it really wants to allow self-organisation. Unlearning hierarchies is a pretty tough process."




unlearning hierarchy: Expedition in die Selbstorganisation

ISBN : 3800666421

23.90 €


Real Work vs. New Work

ISBN : 979-8728830733

9.95 €



Daniel Vonier, was bedeutet "Unlearning Hierachy"

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Daniel Vonier, (Neue) Führungskulturen

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Daniel Vonier, Unlearning Hierarchy

Unlearning Hierarchy - feat Daniel Vonier

Daniel Vonier, Wie das Verlernen alter Hierarchien neue Potentiale entfesseln kann

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Folge 43: Neue Formen der Arbeit - Selbstorganisation II (mit Daniel Vonier [unlearning hierarchy])


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