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Dieter Lange

Winners are recognized at the start - losers too.



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Dieter Lange
Speaker Dieter Lange
  • Dieter Lange: Sieger erkennt man am Start - Verlierer auch

  • Motivation: Warum arbeitest du eigentlich? // Dieter Lange

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Dieter Lange studied business administration as well as psychology and spent many years in ethnic studies of different cultures. He has broad experience from business as a product manager as well as a marketing manager and always combines Western knowledge with Eastern wisdom. He is one of those rare top management trainers from whom decisive impulses for change in companies emanate. Dieter Lange is particularly stimulating due to his positive and optimistic manner - but he also does not avoid conflicts in change processes. His brilliant rhetoric, moving figures of speech and metaphors make his appearances unique experiences in free speech. He is usually the highlight at congresses!


Leadership Excellence in a Disruptively Digital World:

  • Recognizing and tapping new options for success, potentials
  • Empowering Leadership - with highly flexible management
  • People want to be led - especially in times of change.
  • Presence. Gravitas. Charisma.

Winners are recognized at the start, losers too

  • There is no change in behavior without a change in attitude
  • Those who lead people should first be able to lead themselves
  • If you want performance, you have to offer meaning
  • How you lead - is who you are

The supreme discipline of the future: change competence

  • Markets in change! Companies in transition? People in change?
  • Excellent change management is always a qualitative transformation
  • From caterpillar to butterfly
  • The crisis is the boom of the good

Full lions do not hunt

  • Successful at the top - and now what...?
  • The fine art of self-motivation
  • Passion and lifeblood, rediscovered - in ourselves
  • Who always walks in the footsteps of others - does not have to wonder that he leaves no impressions behind

References & Press

"Top coach Dieter Lange sometimes asks uncomfortable questions ... 
promotes high performers like top athletes."STERN

"Provoked, lectured and fascinated: speaker Dieter Lange hit the right nerve."  Sales Profi

"Provoked, lectured and fascinated: speaker Dieter Lange hit the right nerve.""Dieter Lange's pedagogy is excellent. It is at the cutting edge of the times.“ Trend

"What a lasting impression you have made!" Financial Times

"One of the 10 success makers in Germany.“ Focus

„I do not remember witnessing such a level of interest and attention from H-B-S students.“ Harvard-Business-School

Dieter Lange is a speaker at the Harvard Business School, WHU Vallendar, ZFU-Zurich, among others.



Sieger erkennt man am Start - Verlierer auch

ISBN : 3430200881

22.00 €


Dieter Lange: Sieger erkennt man Start – Verlierer auch

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3430200882

0.00 €

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

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