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Tradition versus Moderne - Wege für die Hidden Champions in die digitale Zukunft



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Florian Wassel
Entrepreneur Florian Wassel
  • Sales loves Marketing | Florian Wassel | Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019

  • OMR Masterclass mit Florian Wassel: B2B E-Commerce - Cases, Trends & Insights

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Florian Wassel, B.A. in Business Administration, is an expert in digital transformation and a passionate entrepreneur. He studied economics at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and founded TOWA during his bachelor's degree. Now in its 11th year, the company employs more than 100 digital talents and supports companies such as Vontobel Bank, ALPLA, ZUMTOBEL and BTV Bank in digitalization and digital marketing. The certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords expert. His clients include the who's who of hidden champions. has also been on the board of the Vorarlberg Young Economy since April 2016. Florian gets his inspiration from podcasts, TED talks and keynotes. He is now responsible for strategy, sales, HR and finance. In his consultations and talks, he delights participants with a firework of inspiration when it comes to taking traditional companies on the road to modernity. Florian Wassel knows how to take unconventional paths and skillfully set practical impulses from practice for practice. He encourages people to think "outside of the box".


Marketing loves sales -
New customer needs in the environment of B2B champions

  • What B2B companies can learn for their organization from Amazon, Netflix and co.
  • Where and how you can reach your customers on digital channels
  • How to inspire and win over your customers with digital experiences and service


Digital leadership -
Leading in digital times from tradition to modernity

  • How to lead correctly under complex conditions
  • How you can collaborate effectively using agile methods
  • How to anchor a culture of trust and enable innovation and growth


Employer branding for hidden champions -
How to attract digital talent

  • What makes a company attractive to talent
  • How to convince and attract new talent
  • Where do I reach and communicate with Millennials & Generation Z?

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  • ALPLA Top Management Conference
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  • Hackbay Nuremberg
  • Vontobel Bank
  • BTV Bank

Extract from events:

  • Fifteen Seconds Graz
  • Eastern Switzerland Personnel Day

"On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Florian Wassel revealed the secrets of his success and how to make it to the top in just a few years as part of the event series "Being an entrepreneur today". He was just 21 years old and a student of economics when he took the plunge into self-employment and founded a digital agency that is now heavily involved in the digital business throughout Austria and beyond under the name TOWA. The event had to be moved from the Sparkassensaal to the Casino Bregenz at short notice due to the large number of attendees. It was the 86th edition of this series of events in cooperation with the Vorarlberg savings banks, Wiener Städtische Versicherung and VN." Martin Jäger, Chairman of the Management Board of Sparkasse Bregenz




How TOWA Reached 10 Million in Revenue Without Marketing and Sales

Florian Wassel - How TOWA Reached 10 Million in Revenue Without Marketing and Sales


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