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Fränzi Kühne
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Fränzi Kühne, CDO in job sharing at edding AG, founder of TLGG GmbH as well as supervisory board member, speaker and author, is the expert for digital transformation. She shows how brands can best harness the potential of technological and cultural change and implement new methods. Since 2008, Fränzi Kühne has been advising executives, management and founders from business, administration and politics on digitalization issues. Her work focuses on the interaction between people, projects and organizational structures, strong relationships and building a strong corporate culture. In 2015, Fränzi Kühne was named one of the 25 most important women of the digital future by Edition F. In 2018, Capital magazine ranked her among the "40 under 40". For years, Fränzi Kühne has been committed to getting more women into management positions and driving the change in organizational and work culture that this requires. As a trustee of the AllBright Foundation, she develops analyses and reform proposals for more diversity in companies. She regularly publishes expert articles on the topics of digitization, entrepreneurship and gender - since the end of 2022 even in her own column *innenansichten in Wirtschaftswoche. She is a sought-after guest and important source of inspiration in TV, talks, interviews, media and congresses. Fränzi Kühne encourages people to take new paths, true to her motto "Creative. Unconventional. Courageous."


Digital transformation - How to revolutionize traditional business models with digital innovations

  • How to establish an agile environment in traditional enterprises
  • A look behind the scenes: From founder to CDO of an international corporation

New Work - How to measurably increase productivity and creativity with new work models

  • Job sharing at C-level: opportunities and challenges
  • Gen Z & Baby Boomers - How to combine the best of both worlds

Entrepreneurship -
How to translate entrepreneurship into leadership

  • The Dos & Don'ts in Entrepreneurship
  • How to create a framework for maximum personal responsibility
  • How to create a mindset for courage and creativity

Diversity - The DNA for success!

  • Diversity is a business factor and not nice to have
  • What you can do concretely to live diversity

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Was Männer nie gefragt werden: Ich frage trotzdem mal.

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