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Frank M. Salzgeber

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Frank M. Salzgeber
Entrepreneur Frank M. Salzgeber


Frank M. Salzgeber is a graduate engineer and Managing Director of Space Sector at the Saudi Space Commission (Space Agency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). Previously, he headed the Innovation and Ventures Office of the European Space Agency (ESA) and was responsible for technology transfer and commercial development of human spaceflight. He worked closely with the European astronaut team. He spent the first seven years of his career at Apple Computer and founded his first start-up in 2000, which later became a public company CANCOM. His programmes have supported more than 1,200 start-up companies, facilitated more than 370 technology transfers and guided 1,000 space applications. His start-up programme has been adopted by the Czech Republic, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Airbus and the CERN research centre. An expert in innovation, he advises governments, start-ups, but also industrial companies as well as venture capital companies, universities and research institutions. He is a rousing speaker on technology trends, the future and industry.


Frank M. Salzgeber is an international expert on innovation, entrepreneurship, future technologies, crisis management and trends. With his inspiring manner, he spurs his audience to think outside the box ... a bit into the future, but rather into the present.

After the crisis is before the crisis

  • Innovation with customers and partners
  • Where do I need to go in the long term?

How does innovation get into companies?

  • Distributed R&D and in-house incubation

In-house innovation programmes and open innovation

  • How do I deal with new ideas and how can I implement them?

Learning from others

  • What is behind new business models?
  • Examples of start-ups and technologies that change the rules of the game

How we will live in 30 years

  • What will change, what will stay and what will come back

Mobility in 30 years

  • On land, on water, in the air and in space

My holiday home on Mars

  • Visions 2050

Why our children are the better inventors!

  • A different view of technologies, business models and digitalisation

What can we learn from astronauts?

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Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Practical relevance

  • Business talk

  • Interview

Required equipment

Apple notebook
Apple notebook
Windows notebook
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