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Frank Mohr

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Frank Mohr
Trainer Frank Mohr
  • Akquise tötet langsam! - 30-minütige Auszug aus Keynote

  • Frank Mohr Backstage Vorstellung Experte für Verkauf

  • Experten-Interview: Frank Mohr und Alissa Stein zum Thema Verkaufen

  • Frank Mohr zu Gast bei Scherer Daily im Interview mit Hermann Scherer

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Frank Mohr - an expert when it comes to selling with personality. True to his motto "Don't sell the price, sell the value of your services". All too often, orders and the acquisition of new customers are left undone because the vision and skills to turn opportunities into orders are lacking. With over 30 years of practical experience in service, sales and management, Frank Mohr is one of the top experts in the German-speaking world. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In his coaching sessions, training courses and presentations, he inspires his participants with a firework display of lived success knowledge. He knows how to convey sales know-how in a practical and immediately applicable way. With high impact and a clear line, he sets standards for satisfied customers and employees at every event. Thanks to his personal approach, innovative concepts and practical strategies, participants quickly gain confidence and immediately start to implement them. He encourages people to love what they do!


As coaching, training, keynote speech or masterclass

PersonalitySelling - Selling with personality

  • How to program your mindset for success
  • How to make a perfect impression on customers
  • How to communicate and sell according to type
  • How to gain your customer's trust and build a relationship

PersonalitySelling - selling with a system

  • How to get to your customers' table
  • How to analyze the real needs of your customers
  • How to offer tailor-made solutions and meet your customers' needs
  • How to sell the value of your product and not the price
  • How to turn objections into selling points and close the deal


PersonalitySelling - Selling with storytelling

  • How to turn a solution into a hero story
  • How to use words to create images in your customers' minds and awaken their needs
  • How to find your individual narrative style and persuade effectively
  • How to create emotional experiences and inspire customers

Further topics:

Presenting for salespeople - inspire, convince, win!

Success factor existing customers - How customers become fans

References & Press

"From master electrician to sales professional" Wiesbadener Kurier

"Frank Mohr wins international speaker competition" Idsteiner Zeitung

"With his stage performance, he was not only able to convince the audience, but also inspire the jury."  Hünstetter Nachrichten

Extract from company references: Heinen & Löwenstein, PVS Dental, ZAAG, Deutsche Bank, Withford, Denksportler, Znet, MHI Holding, Dallmayr, EMC, Technogym, Eckelmann, Joh. Clouth, SHK, Wolf & Müller, Messe AG, Domestic & General, PVS Holding, Scanlab, LWK Münster, Syna, Deurag, Integrated Dynamics Engineering, AVL, Gesellschaft für Antriebstechnik, Exercon, Hessenmetall, Rücker AG, EKW Feuerfest, Senator, Advanced Technology Laboratories, Blue Coat, PVS Limburg, SÜWAG, Interroll, Dreger IT and many more.


Comments on the training:

"The intensive training of our sales department (with Frank Mohr) has led to the establishment of a systematic sales process. The different methods and tools we learned from him have clearly increased the persuasiveness of our sales talks." 
Bernhard Schmitt, Head of Sales (sales training, mechanical engineering)


"The excellent, very professional and committed training was not only well received, but also very well received by our employees. So far, it has led to lasting success, also in terms of communication." 
Horst Girolstein and Gerd Höhler, Managing Directors (Electronic Components Sales)


"A very inspiring training course on the subject of acquisition. Well-founded and without "chacka" motivation. Thank you!" 
Jürgen Hetz, Managing Director (Acquisition Training, Creative Design)


"Frank is living proof that coaches can really help you get ahead!" 
Karoly Krausz, Key Account Manager (Sales Training, IT)


"The seminar days were entertaining and in a very pleasant atmosphere, Frank Mohr was excellent at taking the participants by the hand in a friendly manner and yet guiding them through the learning content in a disciplined manner." 
Marc Feger, Key Account Manager (Sales Training, Mechanical Engineering)


"Our employees in internal sales and also in field sales have gladly accepted the discussion strategies developed with you, were able to implement them easily and report a significant improvement in the way they conduct discussions and achieve their goals." 
Judith Both, HR management (sales training, production of advertising material)

"...We would particularly like to emphasize that you succeeded in gaining the full trust of all participants thanks to your confident and authentic personality..." 
Simona Lerner, Head of HR (management training, insurance)

"...This training was informative and enlightening for the "old hands" as well as for the salespeople of the younger generation, and gave them confidence in their discussions." Peter Kochenrath, Managing Director (sales training, toolmaking)


Voices on lectures:

"...He embodies what everyone who works with people should master: Appreciation, respect and a great deal of sympathy and empathy. He finds the right words at the right time and gives everyone the attention they need..." Anke Rositzke


"I was recently able to experience Frank Mohr live at a lecture. He knows how to take his audience with him, inspire them and captivate them. Great rhetoric, simply recommendable." Marianne Heine


"Frank is great: his performance on and off stage is full of warmth, competence and humor. His direct and appreciative manner, coupled with his strong communication skills, is a pleasure to experience. Therefore my clear recommendation for a "together" with Frank!" Stephan Freude


"...As a manager, I am very grateful to be able to learn from people like Frank. I can recommend him wholeheartedly." Alexandra Zobel


"Humorous language, clear, meaningful images - a professional through and through! Frank Mohr knows what he's talking about and is captivating in his speeches." Susan Grofmann


"...He conveys very clearly and simply how important it is to build a relationship with your counterpart/customer instead of frantically trying to sell. Anyone who wants to develop from a good salesperson to a top salesperson is in the right place with Frank!" Ute Weyrauch


"Frank is a person who moves people and what he says reaches exactly where it unfolds its full effect. He builds bridges through communication and helps people to interact with each other in a more appreciative and better way..." Andreas Müller



An(ge)kommen!: Ein Buch für jeden, der seine positive Wirkung auf andere Menschen nachhaltig steigern und gut ankommen möchte.

ISBN : 3740762357

14.90 €


IKFV-Lernkartenset Einwandbehandlung: Einwände im Verkaufsalltag richtig behandeln

ISBN : 3961113645

8.90 €


IKFV-Lernkartenset Akquise: Termine mit Entscheidern - Techniken und Strategien für Termine mit Entscheidern

ISBN : 3966985128

8.90 €



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