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Gerd Conradt, an expert in "track change", is a sought-after speaker, coach and consultant on all aspects of leadership. The graduate in public administration can look back on many years of diverse management activities in sales and service. He has accompanied around 20 reorganizations and experienced the effects first-hand. More practical experience is not possible! In 2013, he founded Coachingkompetenz UG and successfully supports numerous companies as a coach, speaker and consultant. His clients and audiences, whether SMEs or DAX 30 companies, are enthusiastic about the practical relevance of his presentations. He holds up a mirror to them with a smile and his participants recognize themselves. He is excellent at packaging management topics in a humorous way and getting to the heart of the matter. Gerd Conradt is the speaker for you if you want to focus on the essentials of leadership topics. Rethinking must be allowed. He changes your mindset! He shows you the paths to success! He takes you into his better and more successful world of leadership!


Digital is not irrelevant!

The 1x1 of successful hybrid leadership

  • Agile leadership means more leadership work! How to take the lead with the right corporate culture 
  • Leading at a distance is the challenge!
  • When the cat's away, the mice dance on the table - or is there another way?
  • Far away but still there! How successful and empathetic leadership can be achieved from a distance

The country needs new leadership!

  • Profession instead of vocation! Leadership must also be learned 
  • The success formula for good leadership! Familiarize yourself with the mathematics of leadership
  • Be better through sustainability! How to achieve consistent and lasting implementation with the right strategy

Motivate your employees!

An example from sport

  • How to turn demotivation into motivation within minutes
  • Why you will never have to deal with a shortage of skilled workers again
  • How to magically attract people


References & Press

"I have had the opportunity to experience Gerd Conradt at several workshops for prospective managers in Berlin and Hamburg. He asks the right questions that seem normal at first - but then trigger a huge aha effect afterwards. During the workshops, he was always open to more in-depth questions and suggestions in one-to-one discussions. I particularly liked the fact that the coaching was not a frontal lecture, but embedded in role plays and group tasks. In this way, ideas can also be exchanged within the team and you benefit from the suggestions and thoughts of others. I can only warmly recommend Gerd Conradt."
Andreas Reichert, GF Media Sound Design

"I attended a presentation by Gerd Conradt in Düsseldorf and am still impressed! With his charming and entertaining manner, Gerd was able to convey the content to me very clearly. I'm looking forward to his next lecture!"
Sven Schultze, Sales Representative, Humboldt Reisen

"Inspiring keynote, the analogy between sporting and professional commitment, the success orientation, the self-commitment was vividly compared - it became very clear that Gerd Conradt knows both the competitive sports and the entrepreneurial side well and that he plausibly connects these experiences."
Jens Augustin, GF Ingenieurbüro Augustin


Top Manager Service and Sales 2009-2011

World record international speaker slam in Düsseldorf

Top Excellence Speaker by Hermann Scherer

Top 100 Trainers Member 2023

Finalist Top Speaker Award Düsseldorf 2019

Platinum Award Winner by Hermann Scherer



Raketenseiten - Treibstoff für Deine Karriere

ISBN : 3947206119

24.90 €


Es gibt ein Leben nach dem Hamsterrad

ISBN : 9-783752-624786

26.50 €


Die Erfolgsformel für Führungskräfte: Wirksames Führen mit System

ISBN : ‎979-8388213419

13.86 €


Experte für die nachhaltige Entwicklung von Führungskräften

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Expert Marketplace - Gerd Conradt - Impressions 1
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Bericht in der Offenbach-Post: Wir entwickeln Führungskräfte

Podcast - Gerd Conradt

Interview im Südkurier: Interview

Gastbeitrag zum Thema: "Arbeitswelten neu denken - Führung auch", Teletalk 09/2019

Gastbeitrag zum Thema Führung: "Motivieren Sie doch mal Ihre Mitarbeiter!", CallCenter Profi, Ausgabe 11-12/2021

Redaktioneller Beitrag "Executive Coaching - Wieso Mallorca?" im "SQUT" 03/22 hier zum download


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