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Jan Philip Berg
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Jan Philip Berg, business graduate, author and keynote speaker, is an expert in smart recruiting and employer branding. He has gained his wealth of experience in over 3,000 recruitments and more than 60,000 applications generated for SMEs and large corporations such as Rewe and Continental. Jan Philip Berg shows how companies can become attractive employer brands and magnetically attract talent. He also reveals the secrets that others want to keep to themselves. Jan Philip Berg reflects on the seemingly familiar, thinks outside the box as well as straight ahead, polarizes, questions, provokes and gives every listener valuable impulses, inspiration, information and motivation. In his workshops and talks, he inspires his participants with a firework display of best practice examples and shows how to attract the right employees with the right strategy combined with artificial intelligence. A call to rethink and implement: "Smart recruiting is a matter of attitude!"



Brand beats benefit -

Why attractive employers know no shortage of skilled workers

  • What makes an employer attractive
  • How to develop a corporate culture that attracts talent
  • How successful recruiting works
  • How to become a beacon in your industry and magnetically attract talent
  • How to plan your company growth with the "Recruiting Fly Wheel System"

Recruiting with AI -

How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing your recruitment process

  • How to put your recruiting process to the test and analyze where you can use AI effectively
  • Which AI tools are right for your processes and save time money & resources
  • How to qualify your employees so that they bring prompt engineering skills into your company and develop them further
  • How to use AI tools & instruments correctly to achieve optimal results

Recruiting Booster LinkedIn - Fast, easy, effective!

  • What it takes to beat the skills shortage today
  • Why so many companies have problems finding employees
  • Which way to go? A comparison of today's recruiting options
  • Why LinkedIn can become your recruitment booster
  • The 3 steps to successful recruiting with LinkedIn


References & Press

"Jan shows impressively that there is no shortage of skilled workers, but rather a shortage of skilled entrepreneurs. It is not the company that is still hiring employees, it is the employees who are looking for their company. I have understood, thank you Jan for this great inspiration. I will put them into practice! Jan Philip Berg: Absolutely top recommendation!"
Joachim Schober / Car dealership S.


"Jan Philip Berg belongs on big stages"
Westfälische Rundschau


"Jan Philip Berg convinces with humor and expertise"


"Jan Philip Berg mines gold for your company. As managers, we all know that employee retention is important. But how can we make our company so interesting and irresistible that the best employees come to us? Jan Philip Berg has the answer. Top recommendation."
Philipp S.


"What a valuable presentation on employer branding! Jan Philipp Berg gave the audience of experienced entrepreneurs so many important impulses for the development of an attractive employer brand that they now only have to strengthen the red paths to brand their company perfectly."
Claudia R.


"I was able to experience Jan Philipp Berg as a speaker. He presented a topic that is important in today's world in a humorous way. No theory, but impulses to go for everyday business life."
Lothar H.


"Employer branding, recruiting and onboarding rethought. Jan Philip is not only an ingenious and creative expert with far-reaching expertise and zeitgeist, but also an extremely inspiring speaker. Simply a brilliant guy! Absolutely TOP recommendation!"
Rainer G.

"I was recently able to listen to a speech by Jan and I am still impressed. Jan managed to inspire the audience in a short space of time and take them along with him. His topic is so incredibly important today: only a fraction of employees are really satisfied at work. The majority have already resigned internally. If you keep this in mind, I can only recommend every entrepreneur to book Jan for a speech and a consultation, employer branding is a huge step towards creating identification with the employer and making a workplace more than just a place to work."
Tim W.



Ausgezeichnetes Expertenwissen: Inspiration, Insights, Impulse

ISBN : 3949869654

19.99 €



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