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Consultant, trainer and speaker Kai von Rappard has been supporting companies and managers worldwide in strategic leadership development for over 20 years. After many years as a partner and member of the executive board of the Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen, he now works as an independent management consultant and entrepreneur. His clients include numerous international and medium-sized companies from industry, trade and finance as well as healthcare organizations, the public sector and politics. He sees the greatest challenge today in bundling the different skills of people into a collective competence within the company. With expertise and wit, he proves to his audience that humor and effectiveness are a fruitful combination for creatively and effectively mastering the complex issues of our time. His new book "SmartUp - rising smartly as a manager" with the 3x3 Leadership Matrix supports both managers and start-up entrepreneurs in their major tasks.


Teamwork 4.0 - How effective collaboration turns 1 plus 1 into more than 2

  • How agile leadership promotes cross-functional collaboration to ensure rapid implementation and adaptation of your strategies
  • The High Performance Team Radar - the tool for shared clarity and strong commitment in tackling key challenges
  • Transformational leadership - harnessing the power of big goals and avoiding loss of motivation and coordination in the hectic pace of everyday life

Effective transformation - shaping the company's future together

  • The culture is against it! - Why change is actually easy, but transformation is so difficult
  • Speed helps - experience shows that what is not achieved in 100 days is usually not achieved at all
  • What needs to happen for past successes to be carried forward into the future?

Spirit of the times 4.0 - Twice as productive in half the time

  • How do you manage to focus on the essentials in the complexity of today's challenges?
  • Creating conditions in which conflicts are not resolved but do not occur in the first place
  • The potential of your own strengths - utilizing, optimally deploying and effectively developing your skills

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His clients include numerous medium-sized companies such as ABB, Airbus, Australian Aerospace Allianz, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Daimler, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Migros, Pfizer, Red Bull, RWE, SIKA, Swiss Life and UBS. His projects have taken him to many countries in Europe, the USA, Africa, Australia and China.


"Kai stands for a holistic understanding of management and ideally combines the strategic orientation of our company with questions of organizational design and the necessary skills of managers. What we appreciate about working with him is that he doesn't impose methods on us, but always focuses on our specific problems and looks for suitable solutions."
Managing Director, medium-sized company in the electronics sector


"Seminars with Kai are not only instructive, but also packed with lots of practical experience and funny anecdotes. It's remarkable how quickly he reads people and what valuable tips he has for them. I particularly liked how much value he placed on the direct involvement of as many people as possible in the strategy work." 
Head of Human Resources, aerospace technology company


"Kai von Rappard coached me for almost 9 months after I took on my new role in senior management. It was extremely valuable for me that he has a command of everything from strategic orientation to personality traits. He repeatedly uncovered my blind spots. This has broadened my perspective on the business and on my colleagues in the company enormously."
Senior manager, company in the packaging industry



SmartUp - als Führungskraft klug aufsteigen

ISBN : 978-3658348229

39.99 €


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