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Maria-Theresa Schinnerl, CSP

It's not about satisfying people. It's about inspiring them.



Sales, Service & Sales Management


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Maria-Theresa Schinnerl, CSP
Trainer Maria-Theresa Schinnerl, CSP
  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Kundenservice- Expertin Maria-Theresa Schinnerl

  • Maria Theresa Schinnerl - Speakers Excellence Slam

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In times of rapid change, one thing counts more than ever: humanity and social competence. The sustainably successful people of tomorrow will be those who recognize service quality as their most important resource today. Maria-Theresa Schinnerl conveys how much potential there is in optimized customer contact and how to impress with appreciation, unique "memorability" and attention in a rousing, pointed and practice-oriented way. She herself worked in various areas of the service industry for many years. Today, the dynamic Salzburg native is one of the leading experts in the fields of customer service quality, customer orientation, service awareness, customer friendliness, customer experience and personnel marketing and branding. Above all, however, she herself is the best example of a practiced service culture. True to her credo "Helping people to shine", Maria-Theresa Schinnerl provides inspiring impulses and, as an ambassador for winning great customer relationships, she opens up new perspectives for sustainable corporate success.


Humanity meets AI - SERVICE, the extra mile of the future

  • Service is the marketing of the future! Score points in the long term with the right service mindset
  • Friendliness isn't everything! Create surprising service experiences with the performance check
  • Recognize touchpoints and make them eventful! Decisive competitive advantages with great (customer) SERVICE

The "CHARMing" customer! What to do when the customer gets "loud"?

  • Successfully mastering complaints, grievances and bad reviews: 
    The skillful handling of dissatisfied customers
  • Recognize the potential of a complaint with the right quality of service - confident, charming and funny
  • Loud customers - strong impact: Turn a complaint into a customer loyalty tool

"Personal BRANDing" - How do I become a SERVICE personality?

  • The set-point strategy: making a lasting impression in today's working world
  • The art of the moment: strong appearance, strong service, strong image
  • Acting authentically: analyze your own strengths, discover potential and still remain true to yourself

References & Press

Winner of the SPEAKERSLAM Stuttgart 2019 Award in the "Audience Award" category

Winner of the prestigious Constantinus Award 2017 in the "Personal & Training" category


"Ms. Schinnerl absolutely enriched our Mercedes-Benz Austria service conference with her positive and motivating way of presenting with many 'tangible' and also self-experienced examples. The somewhat different, but truly correct approach to the topic of 'premium customer enthusiasm' was entertaining and informative. An absolute added value for our event!" Markus Albel & Wolfgang Bayer
Director Customer Services Passenger Car & VAN
Mercedes-Benz Austria GmbH


"Ms. Schinnerl inspired the Field Force crew with her inspiring content on customer centricity, customer experience and customer service. The presentation was very interesting and entertaining. The practical examples helped the participants to immerse themselves in the world of Customer Service Excellence and to take away impulses for the subsequent workshop as well as for their work out in the field, with the customer." 
Martin Wittwer, Pfizer AG 


"When it comes to customer and service orientation, Ms. Schinnerl has become my first port of call. The general tenor of all participants: 'We've never had such a valuable seminar at Siemens!" Wolfgang Schneider, Siemens AG


"Maria-Theresa Schinnerl skillfully combines expertise and a captivating stage presence. That is rare: that professionalism and a pleasant human effect complement each other perfectly." Georg Wawschinek, keynote speaker & communications expert, CSP


"Maria-Theresa Schinnerl's presentation flies by and provides plenty of inspiration and motivation. Her presentation not only shows the benefits of customer service, it also makes you want to try it out right away! A clear recommendation!" 
Dr. Katharina Turecek, brain expert, author & keynote speaker, MSc


Statement on winning the Agency Award at the Austrian Speaker Slam:

"Her seven minutes were full of emotion and we knew immediately: 'She's going to win this thing'. We need more women like her, especially in this day and age when it's mainly men who take to the stage. Women who are role models and have something to say." 
Ali Mahlodji, founder of whatchado, EU Youth Ambassador, jury member at the Austrian Speaker Slam



Service Upgrade: Wie Sie Ihre Kunden verstehen, gewinnen und begeistern

ISBN : 399060192X

19.95 €



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