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Markus Daniel Weber

The human being in motion and in balance:: Because an active lifestyle makes us real winners!



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Markus Daniel Weber
Speaker Markus Daniel Weber
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He is pure energy: What Markus Daniel Weber teaches as a coach, motivational trainer and expert in the areas of healthy leadership and health management, mental strength and stress management as well as team and personality development, he also lives 100 percent. Whether skiing in the Arctic Circle, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the Matterhorn, or spending several months traveling the world: The sports teacher, businessman and former competitive athlete always takes on sporting and entrepreneurial challenges. Authentic, captivating and rousing: He has been the owner of V.I.T. GmbH for 29 years and has been inspiring board members and executives from industry and business just like world champions and Olympic athletes for 34 years. This mix of personal experiences, entrepreneurial experience and sporting background, combined with outstanding qualities as a speaker and moderator, make him one of the most sought-after experts - both in presence and in live online formats. To do the ordinary extraordinary - that is his incentive. With competence, motivation and enthusiasm, he gets his participants to realize their personal goals in life.


Staying strong in the VUCA world
You will learn the 3 success factors how you can meet the challenges of our current time emotionally - physically - mentally strengthened.

45 Plus - Be ready for the marathon of life!

20, 25 and more years of work lie behind you. Looking back, you have achieved a lot and seen and experienced just as much. Right now is a good time to actively deal with this new phase of life and its challenges. In this presentation you will get the necessary motivation and the right "tools".

Resilience - The key to success!
The quality of mastering crises is called resilience. Learn how you can regain your composure despite adverse circumstances, stress and
fear of the future and shut down mentally under the increasing workload.

Healthy high performance - the opportunities of an active,
sustainable lifestyle!
The 21st century brings with it urgent challenges - such as climate change, digitization and the transformation of the world of life and work. In the presentation, you will learn how you can integrate the 17 sustainability goals of the 2030 Agenda into your lifestyle and how you can sustainably connect the topic of health with your company.

Healthy leadership in the age of home office!

Especially now, motivated, efficient and healthy employees are the decisive success factor in a modern working world and with regard to the future of a company. Learn more about the most important factors around agile and healthy leadership!

Work-Life-Blending - Work-Life-Balance is
But with which mindset do you manage to achieve a good balance in your professional and private life? You will learn how to have more time for the really important things in life!

References & Press

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Allianz, Becton Dickinson, Bosch eBike Systems, Cisco Systems,
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"Markus Daniel Weber understands with his sympathetic and authentic
authentic way masterfully, by means of simple and pictorial language in a permanent change of impulse giver, listener, motivator, coach and trainer, to involve his audience from the first minute and to develop from passive restraint to active working - physically, spiritually and mentally!" Thomas Schmidt, Mitglied des Vorstandes der Volksbank eG, Warendorf

"With his presentation on resilience and mindfulness, Markus Daniel Weber left a lasting impression on me and my entire team. Many thanks for the food for thought and the journey he took us on with his lively manner. The mix of expertise, personal connection and lecture performance was perfect." Uwe Franke, Director Public, Cisco Deutschland

"Markus Daniel Weber is a high-energy speaker with an
extraordinary presence. He not only knows how to convey his professional
know-how in a very entertaining and memorable way, but also to transfer his positive mindset to his audience." Prof. Dr. Ulrich Walter,Divisional Head/
Divisional Head DZ BANK AG, Capital Markets Trading

Markus Daniel Weber is an Expert Member of Club 55 - European Community of Business Experts for Marketing & Sales.



Gesundheit & Fitness 1 und Persönlichkeit & Erfolg 1

ISBN : 3766495798

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