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Martin Messerer


Martin Messerer is a certified Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach. He started his career with project planning for mechanical engineering systems. He brings expert knowledge of Scrum, Objectives and Key Results and a variety of methods and tools. This has enabled him to give the team a clear direction with added value through impulses. In his workshops, he conveys tools and methods for agile working in a visual and understandable way. With his charming manner, he takes every participant with him. Are you frustrated and annoyed by a lack of cooperation with colleagues and employees and a lack of motivation? Are there problems in processes and you wish for improvement? With tools and methods, Martin will bring innovation, attractiveness and competitiveness back into your company.


Actively shaping progress in the company with tools & methods

  • How to emerge from a crisis innovative, competitive and strong in the market
  • How you can inspire colleagues & employees to rock your projects
  • How to make efficient decisions at C-level with one meeting
  • How to bring a breath of fresh air into the company
    and become attractive for applicants and customers

How to create an innovative environment as a leader

  • How to sustainably anchor a functioning knowledge management system
  • How to identify and use the right tools for successful change and ensure your company's success

The OKR method - How Google's recipe for success works

  • What is behind OKR and how you can implement it in your company
  • What are Objectives and Key Results?
  • How you can successfully formulate and use Objectives Key Results

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Testimonials from participants:

"With his astute manner, he manages to win over the right people for projects."
Rainer Schütz


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