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Prof. Dr. Michaela Merk, CSP

Turn employees into brand ambassadors to master change and delight customers.



Sales, Service & Sales Management


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Prof. Dr. Michaela Merk, CSP
Speaker Prof. Dr. Michaela Merk, CSP
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In interactive, energetic and acrobatic presentations, Dr. Michaela Merk shows how you can turn employees and business partners into highly committed brand ambassadors for your company, especially in times of change. Relationship intelligence and human values play a central role. Through numerous real-world examples from her many years of expertise as a marketing director and managing director at successful international corporations such as L'Oréal and Estée Lauder, and her work as a consultant and speaker for the world's largest luxury corporations, you will learn the secrets of building and managing strong brands. Michaela's clients include companies such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Four Seasons Hotels, etc. Her credo: "Even if your company doesn't sell luxury, you can learn from the brands that have proven for centuries how to successfully delight and engage customers." Michaela fascinates her audience in live performances, webinars, online trainings, podcasts and TV shows in English, French and German with her energetic and charismatic demeanor. In 2020, she received the highest international award for public speaking, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Parallel to her career in the business world, she is a professor of management and luxury brands at renowned business schools in Europe, Asia and the USA.



  • How to take your teams to the highest level through emotional leadership
  • How to create lasting relationships with your teams, customers and suppliers in times of change
  • How to inspire and coach your teams to become engaged brand ambassadors
  • How to best lead Millennials and Gen-Z employees
  • How to rally your teams and increase their engagement to achieve big goals together


  • How to boost your sales performance through relationship intelligence expertise
  • How your sales and service teams can help your customers feel emotionally connected to your brand
  • How sophisticated customers can have a memorable experience even in the digital age
  • How to turn customers into brand ambassadors
  • How to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through excellence
  • Be inspired by numerous real-world examples from the premium and luxury goods industry


  • What competencies enable salespeople and service providers to sell premium products
  • What you can learn from the strongest luxury goods brands to increase the value of your own products and services
  • How salespeople use excellence to turn affluent customers into loyal customers
  • How to make salespeople less afraid to offer premium products and services


  • How to strengthen connections within the company and all external partners through relationship intelligence
  • How to successfully master challenging times together as a team
  • How to strengthen positive energy in the company through motivational goal setting

References & Press

L‘Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, UBS, Nikon, Rolex, Shiseido, Four Seasons Hotels, Nespresso, Champagne Lanson, Lacoste, Remax, Jimmy Choo, Deloitte, Pierre Fabre, Clarins, Hermès, Puig, Douglas, Sephora, Kérastase, Montblanc, Guerlain, Merz Pharma, Vacheron Konstantin, Medtronic, CooperVision, Dynafit etc.

Universities, schools and academies:

Audencia Business School, University of St. Gallen, ESSEC Business School, APM (Association Progrès pour Management).

"Michaela Merk's presentation on customer experience at the point of sale inspired my retail team and me to come up with new ideas to leave the best possible impression on our customers. Her energetic manner fascinated and motivated us all."
ANNE SCHAAL, Geschäftsführerin Südostasien & Australien, 
A. Lange & Söhne

"Great inspirational speaker. Very engaging and motivating to the audience. Highly recommended for driving leadership issues and customer excellence."
Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld, Head Digital Platforms & Marketplaces, UBS

"What a phenomenal keynote and engaging workshop with acrobatic interludes! My teams were blown away. They were amazing! We feel empowered and full of motivation to execute our sales goals." Jaime Wynn, CEO Jimmy Choo

"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation, which was appreciated by all of our teams. It was truly amazing how you fueled the atmosphere and provided very relevant insights and ideas for a better customer experience."
ISABELLE SVARTSTEIN-BOURJADE, Geschäftsführerin, L'Oréal Luxe

"I have rarely experienced such a fascinating speaker as Michaela Merk. Our audience was enthralled by her interesting benchmarks, concrete actionable tips, backed up by concrete facts. She is an absolute marketing expert, a brilliant renderer and charismatic personality.“ Alexander Nehls, internationaler Marketingdirektor, Dynafit



Manager les vendeurs du luxe : Stratégies pour créer des ambassadeurs de marque

ISBN : 2100724878

26.00 €


Luxury Sales Force Management: Strategies for Winning Over Your Brand Ambassadors

ISBN : 1137347430

39.58 €



Michaela Merk introduces "Luxury Leadership Talks", a Podcast and Videocast with remarkable CEOs.The Luxury Leadership Talks are a series of exclusive interv...

I created the first Luxury Leadership Podcast ! by Michaela Merk


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  • Workshop

  • Online lecture

  • Audience interaction

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