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Mona Tenjo
Entrepreneur Mona Tenjo
  • Interviewing Jillian Michaels on How to Build a Business Empire

  • CPO Insights on Digitization and the Future of Procurement with Dr. Ines Ploss

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Mona Tenjo studied International Business and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. She is an expert when it comes to project management and supports companies in making their work processes more efficient and scaling their business. She started her career in the energy sector. She has also worked for DATEV, BravoSolution and HeidelbergCement, focusing on the introduction of software processes and the installation of strategic purchasing systems. In 2019, she founded her own management consultancy. Today, her clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In her workshops, seminars and presentations, she inspires her participants with her in-depth specialist knowledge, coupled with a wealth of practical experience for practical use. Mona Tenjo knows how to convey complex issues in an entertaining, visual, easy and catchy way. As a project manager, she follows the motto: "A project is only finished when the last 5% has been completed."


Success factor project management - 
How to reach your goal with pinpoint accuracy

  • How to structure your processes optimally
  • How to get everyone involved in the project on board and keep them on track
  • How to successfully manage the unpredictable and achieve your goal

Scaling as a growth factor - how to scale your company and have more time for the essentials

  • How to measurably increase the productivity of each individual and free up time for the essentials
  • How to put your growth on a solid foundation with a business scaling assessment
  • How to plan your growth phase by phase, manage crises safely and lead your company into the next growth phase

The human factor - the team makes the difference

  • How to put together the best team based on type and skills
  • How to successfully resolve cultural, work dynamic and interpersonal conflicts and create a fertile environment for growth
  • How to use the Tuckman phase model to bring your team to peak performance and achieve your goals with ease

Another topic:

Digitization as an automation factor - Recognizing and using opportunities

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"Mona Tenjo's quality of work was consistently high and remarkable - even in times of high workload, accumulating problems and deadline pressure, Ms. Tenjo was always able to convince us with very good results. Her extremely quick comprehension enabled her to master even the most difficult situations and her judgment also enabled her to achieve excellent results. We would particularly like to highlight her expertise and knowledge in the area of process, project and change management." Dr. Ines Ploss, CPO, HeidelbergCement AG


"With her knowledge as a product expert, Ms. Tenjo was able to design solutions for customer requirements and provide significant support in customer acquisition and project implementation. Ms. Tenjo also contributed internally to product development through her technical depth and thus helped to further develop BravoSolution's outstanding position in the market, see also the multiple awards from the Gartner Institute for BravoSolution during the period of employment. In the totality and variety of activities, Ms. Tenjo contributed significantly to the success of the business." Florian Winterstein, Managing Director, BravoSolution 2017



"As a founder, I attended Mona Tenjo's "scale your business while having more free time" training.As a sidepreneur, I always have too little time and was therefore directly interested.I was able to take away good approaches for my business, where I can start scaling and how exactly I can begin. I liked the tests on the current situation with regard to time management and scaling the most, as I immediately saw where I still have room for improvement." Kevin Wehner, Managing Director, shourney

"Mona, with her knowledge and proposed solutions, has brought my company decisively forward. She proposed solutions that quickly led to positive results. Through her versatile know-how, improvements to my processes and implementation of all necessary systems, Mona quickly led me to my goal. She manages to recognize and eliminate errors and system gaps in a short time." Almaz Andezion, CEO Before & After Cosmetics



Zeitmanagement lernen und Fokus steigern: Konzentriert arbeiten: Praxisnahe Methoden und Techniken für eine bessere Organisation und exzellentem Selbstmanagement

ISBN : 3965833936

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Abenteuer Unternehmer: Krise ist, was du draus machst!

ISBN : 394802605X

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