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Nick Stanforth, laser physicist, author, keynote speaker and passionate entrepreneur, is an expert in strategy execution and culture transformation. For over 30 years, he has been passionate about inspiring people and teams in a wide variety of companies to achieve goals that lead to enormous performance improvements with a socially responsible approach. With real-life examples of success, Nick Stanforth encourages people to free themselves from the baggage of traditional working methods, to break new ground and gain altitude. The most important goal of our time is to stop climate change. As Albert Einstein said: "Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.". Nick Stanforth is convinced that we can limit global warming to 1.5° C by 2040. The prerequisite for this is a new kind of cooperation between people and companies. In his consultations, coaching sessions and talks, he inspires his participants in an entertaining and motivating way with a variety of best-practice examples from successful companies that make them want to take immediate action to turn good intentions into great results.


People Planet Profit -
Turning good intentions into great results

  • How to pick people up, take them along and inspire them with your strategy
  • How to achieve significantly better business results with an environmentally conscious impact strategy
  • How your corporate strategy is lived and driven by each individual in day-to-day business

Win With OKR -
How to implement Objectives and Key Results so that you benefit every day

  • Learn from the most successful companies of our time why they use OKR and why it is the key to success
  • Benefit from the best practice experiences of thousands of people on how to set the right priorities and use your resources effectively
  • Learn how to make OKR effective from day one with the Win-With method


Back to the new future -
How to make your company fit for the future

  • Learn how to involve, lead and inspire your employees in the new world of work
  • Find out which future technologies are really relevant for your business model
  • How to navigate your company from the age of individualism to the new age of collaboration

Further topics:

  • Set Better Goals - Not rocket science, but achieved together
  • Sustainable Impact - Doing the right thing right
  • Winners have the goal in mind, not the hurdles

References & Press

Excerpt of company references:

VOITH, Sartorius, Daimler Trucks, TUI, Ikea, Burda Forward, Develey, Denios, Mautner Markhof, MS Powertrain, Cteam, Qiagen, Havi Logistics


"If you consider the maintenance costs of a large organization, it immediately becomes clear that the ROI* is achieved quickly if decisions are made faster or even if only 10% of the teams focus on the right thing" Alessandro Petazzi, Member of and Strategic Advisor to TUI Musement Board


"Casual, but never negligent"
Oliver Eckert, CEO at BurdaForward and Co-CEO at BurdaVerlag


"We have already changed and are already thinking much more as a TEAM"
Employee, Pharma Group


"We always had lots of bottom-up ideas. OKR has helped us to decide which ones to follow" 
Gregor, Global head of CIP, Sartorius



Win with OKR: Mindset. Methodik. Miteinander.

ISBN : 3869805609

24.95 €


Win with OKR: Your Fast Track to Awesome OKR

ISBN : 3869805757

24.95 €



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