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Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch
Entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch
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  • Künstliche Intelligenz für Sales, Marketing und Service – Das Digitale Sofa #13 mit Peter Gentsch

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  • Wie wird Ki in naher Zukunft unser Leben verändern

  • Wie nutzen große Plattform Ökonomien wie Google, Amazon & co KI und Big Data? | Peter Gentsch

  • Was genau ist KI und was nicht

  • Über welchen Aspekt der KI wird zu wenig berichtet

  • Kann eine KI kreativ sein

  • Kann ein Kleinunternehmer von Ki profitieren

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Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch is a speaker, entrepreneur and scientist all rolled into one and has been a pioneer and top expert in the fields of digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data since the 1990s. While others only talk about digitalization and technology trends, he lives them. With numerous company start-ups and investments as well as successful exits, he is one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in Germany. As part of his research, he has conducted numerous studies in the areas of platform economy, marketing and e-business and has developed and successfully established business and process models for practical application. He is the author of numerous national and international award-winning publications and inspires his international audience as a keynote speaker with his vivid and entertaining style. In addition to wake-up talks for specialists and executives from well-known companies, he has recently spoken at the renowned World Economic Forum in Davos, SXSW in Austin and at Next in Hamburg.


"Digitize your mind!" - Digital transformation starts in the mind. How to ignite the digitalization turbo

  • Digital transformation is not a project. It's a change process that uses technology intelligently
  • Digital sleepyhead Germany - when will you finally wake up?
  • "Fly Wheel" digitalization: On the way to new digital products and business models
  • Platforms and data alliances as a successful model for digital transformation
  • Web 3.0 - the new internet: What do metaverse, blockchain and NFTs mean for companies?
  • "Data is new oil" - "AI is the new electricity": What business benefits you can realize today and in the future with smart data and AI
  • What and how can German companies learn from Amazon, Google, Tencent & Co?
  • Corona and digitalization: How you can be among the winners
  • Digitalization and work: Which jobs are disappearing, which new jobs are being created?
  • Digitalization: What is the Next Big Thing?

Game changer artificial intelligence (AI)  
How AI is revolutionizing companies, markets and our society

  • Reality check AI - what AI can already do for your company today
  • What business benefits will you realize with AI in the future
  • Next generation AI: How companies can learn from digital giants such as Google & Co
  • Successfully implementing AI in small and medium-sized companies
  • Successfully planning and implementing AI for marketing, service, sales and CRM 
  • How to systematically introduce and develop AI in your company
  • How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the media world
  • How AI is taking over creative tasks step by step and becoming an innovation booster
  • AI - Implications for our working world: Which jobs are going - which jobs are coming?
  • AI in the field of tension between value creation, data protection and ethics

Web 3.0 - what does the new internet mean for companies, consumers and markets?
A look behind the buzz words blockchain, NFTS and metaverse.  

  • From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: On the way to a better world?
  • From the platform economy to the token economy
  • From data tokens to NFTs: How Ocean is creating the new data economy
  • Blockchain: Beyond Finance - Implications for marketing, markets and brands
  • How NFTs can be used successfully in marketing
  • Blockchain and tokens as a lubricant for IoT
  • Web 3.0 for greater sustainability and environmental protection
  • How artificial intelligence is shaping decentralization and human-machine interaction in Web 3.0
  • How brands can shape the future of the consumer experience through Web 3.0
  • Planet without borders: From Metaverse Seeds to Real-Life Trees
  • Metaverse: Second Live reloaded or the breakthrough of virtual worlds at last? 
  • Metaverse: Why you should start looking at it today, how you can get started now

References & Press

Peter Gentsch has done numerous projects, workshops and lectures for many corporations and medium-sized companies, including:

Allianz, Audi, Berner Group, BMW, Bosch, Cineapp, Coca-Cola, Conversion Boosting, Daimler, Datalovers, Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutsche Telekom, eBay, E.ON, ERGO, FC Bayern Munich, Google, Metro, Microsoft, MLP, Nintendo, O2, sky, Viessmann, Volkswagen    


"Incredibly exciting, informative and motivating at the same time, Prof. Dr. Peter Gentsch uses his talent to explain a complex topic like AI in a simple way and to trigger one or two aha-effects in the audience. Refreshingly different, with lots of entertainment value and dynamism - an enrichment for any event." Christian Ruppanner, Rita Wechselberger, Dell Technologies


"A lot of general things are said and written about AI - but finally a presentation that shows the concrete business potential for companies and the procedure for successful implementation - the presentation is an absolute must!" Benjamin Klenk, Partner Struktur Management Partner GmbH



  • German Market Research Innovation Award 
  • Digital Communication Award
  • German Prize for Online Communication
  • Talk and jury member at the renowned SXSW in Austin
  • Talk at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Reviews from the marketing pope Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Heribert Meffert: on the book "Artificial Intelligence for Sales, Marketing and Service" (number 1 on Amazon):


"I came across the book via one of the many press reports and was somewhat skeptical as to whether a complex topic would really be dealt with here in an introductory and understandable way - YES, it will. Chapeau! Breaking down such a complex and difficult topic in such an understandable and structured way is really convincing."




AI in Marketing, Sales and Service: How Marketers without a Data Science Degree can use AI, Big Data and Bots

ISBN : 3319899562

30.68 €


Künstliche Intelligenz für Sales, Marketing und Service: Mit AI und Bots zu einem Algorithmic Business – Konzepte und Best Practices

ISBN : 3658253754

44.99 €


Praxishandbuch Portalmanagement: Profitable Strategien für Internetportale

ISBN : 3409124543

59.99 €


Wissen managen mit innovativer Informationstechnologie: Strategien ― Werkzeuge ― Praxisbeispiele

ISBN : 3409190163

54.99 €



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