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Petra Isabel Schlerit
Trainer Petra Isabel Schlerit
  • Business Coaching: Petra Isabel Schlerit im Fernsehbeitrag Baden TV Süd

  • Seminare in der virtuellen Realität! Wie das geht, zeige ich Ihnen hier!

  • Was hat Energie mit Führung zutun?

  • Was ist Vitalitätsmanagment?

  • 3 Faktoren für eine erfolgreiche Führung

  • Wie wird Komplexität einfach gemanaged?

  • Was sind Faktoren erfolgreicher Veränderung?

  • Knallhart Gefragt

  • Der WEG in die neue WELT | Petra Isabel Schlerit - Didacta 2023

  • Die Welt von Virtual Reality erklärt mit Petra Isabel Schlerit

  • Extended Reality? VR-Brillen erklärt mit Petra Isabel Schlerit

  • ZUKUNFTSKOMPETENZ - Was muss man können in der VR-Welt | Petra Isabel Schlerit

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Petra Schlerit, author, speaker, advanced scientific trainer, business coach and mediator, is an expert in actively shaping the future. With her calmness and expertise, she supports change and development with practical, effective and tangible impulses. As a certified VR Coach® & Developer and founder of the XR-C Academy, she is an expert in using virtual reality (VR) as an extremely effective technology in business. She certifies VR experts and creates professional quality standards in the use of this technology with her academy. Petra Isabel Schlerit is pioneering and inspiring and manages to present highly complex topics in a way that everyone can understand, responds flexibly to the most diverse requirements and inspires her audience with effective improvement impulses that can be sustainably integrated into everyday life. She creates a consistent practical relevance and impresses in her training sessions with well-founded knowledge from scientific studies and research.


Virtual reality (VR) is revolutionizing training and collaboration

  • Find out how VR can be used effectively and successfully in business
  • Experience what VR is and how this extraordinary technology works
  • Take advantage of the possibilities! Whether workshops, brainstorming, project management, team events, soft skills seminars or coaching

Energy & health 
Success factor number 1 and an important leadership skill

  • Strength lies in calm - how to stay energized and face your challenges calmly
  • How to avoid being overtaken by professional and private events and stay in control
  • How to use the 5x2 method to achieve great results with little effort and regain your performance strength
  • How to anchor personal vitality management in your everyday working life and achieve motivation instead of the feeling of being "trapped"


ChangeStrength -
Actively shape the future instead of being shaped!

  • How you can use LeadershipStrength to create both present and remote freedom, free up resources and still retain control
  • How to keep a clear head in turbulent times and manage escalating situations calmly
  • How to plan even in unpredictable times and take a constructive approach to the future
  • How to use the calm after the storm as a force for change

References & Press

"The VR seminar allows you to change your perspective in a very unusual way and thus take a different look at issues. This is an experience that is completely different from my previous training courses and workshops. And it really is highly surprising how a completely authentic discussion situation comes about in a virtual circle. I wouldn't have expected that!" 
Matthias Vogel, Frankfurt am Main


"She is like a rock in the surf. She kept an unshakeable calm, always brought clarity and professionalism into the room and immediately recognized where something was missing and could be optimized. She managed to keep us in a good mood for 12 hours under extremely stressful conditions. I have rarely experienced anything like that." 
Yvonne de Bark


"Ms. Schlerit has a high level of technical expertise, is practical, authentic, natural and radiates sound and professional experience. She knows what she is talking about, thinks and acts holistically, quickly and is always forward-looking. She was inspiring, sustainably motivating and set effective and groundbreaking impulses!" 
Irene Schönmann & Team, Fahrenheit GmbH 


"I am very impressed by Ms. Schlerit's flexibility and depth. I really like her open and direct manner. She has the ability to get into things very quickly and deeply and to open up new perspectives. I am only too happy to recommend her as a trainer."
Max Gensthaler, jambit GmbH Munich


"I think I can say that Ms. Schlerit managed to take every single participant with her - that really is an achievement. I go through life more relaxed - both privately and professionally!"
Frank Speichert, ROMEX® GmbH



Stressmanagement: Ihr Weg zu mehr innerer Ruhe (Haufe TaschenGuide)

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