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Rainer Petek, CSP

The North Face Principle: Uncertainty is an invitation!



Management, Leadership & Change


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Rainer Petek, CSP
Speaker Rainer Petek, CSP
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Rainer Petek is an author, strategic advisor, keynote speaker and extreme mountaineer. As a 19-year-old, he climbed the north face of the Grandes Jorasses - one of the most difficult walls in the Alps. Today, he advises international companies and managers from Germany to the digitally leading Silicon Valley. The studied organization developer knows: On the mountain and in business, it's all about reliability and the courage to use emerging opportunities prudently. With a lot of humor, strong analogies and breathtaking images (and optionally holograms) from vertical rock faces, Rainer Petek whets the appetite for the unknown and proves to be the perfect source of inspiration for leadership and change. The author of ten books inspires both on stage and online with powerful thought-provoking impulses from the North Face for successful action in a time of upheaval. Rainer Petek provides lasting inspiration and encourages leaders and teams to tackle their entrepreneurial North Face.


KEYNOTE: The North Face Principle - How to Manage the Unknown

  • New thinking, new action, new ways of doing things: How to find your way into the future
    when plans and recipes fail
  • How to leave familiar terrain with your team and set off into uncharted entrepreneurial territory



  • In the North Face, leadership is provided by the long rope: This is how the organization-wide establishment of self-leadership and the cooperation of all managers in terms of the corporate strategy succeeds
  • In the North Face, suddenly everything can be different: How to give your employees confidence in dealing with uncertainty and set in motion a dynamic of change - for effective change in the here and now



  • Why uncertainty is an invitation and how to manage risks with reason and responsibility
  • How to develop clarity, commitment and collaboration between the leaders of all levels of the company
  • How companies can establish transformational leadership and become a team of teams

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Customer testimonials

"Rainer Petek's North Face Principle is a powerful and original approach to finding new ways in challenging business situations.""Rainer Petek's North Face Principle is a powerful and original approach to finding new ways in challenging business situations." 
Prof. KR Friedrich Macher, CEO, GRAMPETCARGO Austria

"The lecture was sensationally received by the participants. Rainer Petek understood in an outstanding way how to carry us along emotionally as well as in terms of content, to take us into his world and to open our eyes for new and necessary ways of seeing and acting. The whole thing was extremely credible, extremely entertaining and very, very appropriate to our needs."
Ingolf Narr, Area Sales Manager DACH, Reemtsma GmbH

"Managing the uncertain - even the selection of a speaker always has something to do with uncertainty for an organizer. One day after our event, we have the certainty: You have inspired - and 1,200 colleagues at that."  Matthias Schenkel, Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg




Das Nordwand-Prinzip: Wie Sie das Ungewisse managen: neues Denken, neues Handeln, neue Wege gehen

ISBN : 3709307015

29.90 €


Masters of Uncertainty: Risk Management Strategies for Transformational Leadership

ISBN : 0648980987

20.62 €


In der Nordwand kann plötzlich alles anders sein: Die effektivste Route zu gelebtem Change-Spirit

ISBN : 3741809799

15.99 €



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