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Ramona Kühne
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  • Ramona Kühne: Rückschläge sind keine Niederschläge

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Ramona Kühne is the most successful German boxer of all time. She is a 15-time World Boxing Champion of the WBO/ WIBF/ WBF federations and International Champion of the WBA in lightweight. Ramona Kühne has been active as an amateur and professional athlete for over 30 years. She made her professional debut on 21.04.2006 and can look back on a very successful boxing career since then. Ramona Kühne is also a strong personality outside the ring and a welcome guest on countless television formats and stations such as RBB, Sat. 1, MDR, RTL, ProSieben and others. Ramona Kühne's strong will and her ability to go beyond limits are also reflected in her presentations as a keynote speaker and orator. Well-known companies, associations and societies, such as the AOK, appreciate her very entertaining and lively manner. Ramona manages to transport her experiences from the boxing ring and from her fascinating career as an athlete, nutritionist and personal trainer into the here and now of business and stimulates employees and executives with her impulses to think.


The 4 keys to your personal success

  • On her way to the many world championship titles Ramona Kühne has structured her experiences and insights into 5 key topics. She provides the audience with 5 perspectives, attitudes and methods for acting more successfully.

How do I deal with defeats or setbacks?

  • Especially in boxing, victory and defeat are often close together. Ramona Kühne has always drawn conclusions from defeats and known how to use them for future victories. Analytical thinking and goal-oriented action are the foundations of success. Only those who come to terms with defeat can become world champions or achieve business success.

How do I motivate myself?

  • One of the most frequently asked questions to Ramona Kühne is, "How do you do it?" She gives the answer to this and what the secret of self-motivation is in the form of comprehensible and vivid examples of her own, which can be implemented by the listener in every situation in life.

How do I overcome hurdles, obstacles and limits?

  • In every career, obstacles get in our way. Ramona Kühne shows in an impressive way how to clear them out of the way with the right attitude, talent, will and perseverance.

Set goals, achieve goals

  • "You could" and "you should" are phrases that do not apply to Ramona Kühne. She sets goals, fights for them and achieves them, even if the path to victory may be difficult. Ramona shows the audience with temperament and power that even distant or hard to reach goals are achievable for everyone.

References & Press

As a professional athlete:

  • Currently 34 fights, 33 wins (13 KO's)
  • World Boxing Champion according to WBO/WIBF/WBF version
  • International Champion according to WBA version

As an amateur:

  • Boxing: intern. German Champion 2005
  • Northwest German Champion 2005


  • 51 fights, 46 victories
  • Multiple German Champion and intern. German champion


  • multiple German Champion
  • Bronze World Championship 2000 in Sweden

As speaker:

  • Twillight Events Dt. GmbH
  • e-factor GmbH
  • MQ Ranch Holiday Resort
  • Landau Motivation Days
  • MOA Mercure Hotel
  • AOK - The health insurance company
  • Performance at the 12th Baltic Sea Congress
  • Sports talk at the Stuttgart Knowledge Forum
  • Meetingplace Frankfurt and Munich
  • Values Event in Bad Saarow
  • TCS Switzerland
  • 3rd Central German Knowledge Forum Altenburg
  • Savings Bank Parchim
  • Edeka
  • mbt Meeting Place
  • Values Congress
  • Feminess Congress
  • L'Oreal in Düsseldorf
  • Zalando
  • German Railways
  • me2we Congress

Awarded "Boxer of the Year 2016 and 2017".

Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

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