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Sebastian Wächter

"Barrier-free in the mind - this is how Change works!"



Management, Leadership & Change


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Sebastian Wächter
Speaker Sebastian Wächter
  • Vortrag Highlights: Change Mindset

  • Vortrag Highlights: Diversity

  • Imagefilm der Firma Barrierefrei im Kopf

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One second, one wrong decision while hiking. Neck fracture. Diagnosis: cervical vertebrae cross-section. 95% of the muscles are paralyzed, forever. The most radical change ever. Sebastian Wächter overcomes this blow of fate. He becomes a Bundesliga wheelchair rugby player, earns his master's degree in business mathematics and works as a stock analyst. Sebastian Wächter not only talks about change, but has experienced and mastered it himself. He now helps many companies get their change processes rolling and sets the best example. When it comes to the topic of diversity, Sebastian chats from the inside as a long-time, severely disabled employee. In the area of team building, he brilliantly contributes his extraordinary experiences as a wheelchair rugby player. Despite all the uncertainties, Sebastian encourages people to take the reins of the business into their own hands and shape the future.


Change Mindset - Getting Change Processes Rolling

  • "We've always done it this way" - How to create acceptance among your employees and thus lay the foundation for change
  • Why resistance to change is normal and how to deal with it constructively
  • How an open attitude helps to stay in control of the situation during "permanent change


Diversity Power - How diversity drives your business forward

  • How pigeonholing occurs and how we break it down
  • How inclusion brings well-trained and loyal employees into your company
  • How diversity makes your corporate culture more colorful, unleashes creativity and creates a spirit of mutual appreciation

Team Power - Shaping the Future Together

  • Why asking for help and providing help is the basis for outstanding success
  • How a clear understanding of roles is created for each individual in the team and conflicts become a thing of the past
  • How a positive group dynamic is created and how it can be maintained

Growth Mindset - Breaking through barriers in the head

  • How your employees recognize and overcome their own mental barriers and take responsibility
  • How your employees deal with setbacks in the right way and emerge stronger from them
  • What resilience means and how you can build it up

References & Press

Company references:
Siemens Healthineers, Schwarz Gruppe, Union Investment, ADAC, ING Diba, Oracle, Lufthansa, Johnson&Johnson, Lilly, Allianz, ThyssenKrupp

Customer testimonials:

"A welcome change!" ARD

"Sebastian Wächter is someone who can motivate other people."
Bayerischer Rundfunk

"Many thanks for a refreshing presentation on the topic of change that clearly stood out from the mainstream! Sebastian created an exceptionally lasting impact in our team with his thoughts and personality."
Klaus Berger, Senior Director bei Deutsche Lufthansa AG  

"The high quality of the digital keynote due to the recording in the film studio was surprising for me. The presentation was professional, to the point and with good emotionality. The complete cooperation was equally pleasant as uncomplicated and goal-oriented. The keynote struck a nerve." Dr. Jörg Ehmer, CEO, Apollo Optik

"We were in an important internal change process at the time of the presentation and it was more than amazing how his experiences and approach could be transferred to our process. You could have heard a pin drop, that's how attentively and full of excitement we listened to him. We were thrilled."
Peter Bochnia, Vertriebsvorstand, LVM Versicherung



Change Mindset: Veränderungsprozesse ins Rollen bringen!

ISBN : 3751903577

14.95 €



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Sebastian Wächter interviewed on the "Blue Couch" on Bayern1-> Zum Interview

Sebastian Wächter in TV interview -> Zum Video

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